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Vultures Vengeance: Where the Time Dwelt In

July 18, 2017

Obscure and off the radar bands is what Caligari Records seems to be the best at finding, and Vultures Vengeance certainly is no different, however, this Italian heavy metal act should definitely be on your radar. After releasing a demo in 2015, Vultures Vengeance originally released Where the Time Dwelt In in 2016, and now through Caligari Records it is getting a re-release in the form of a tape. Where the Time Dwelt In is a five track-including an intro-release that is nothing but heavy metal at its utmost finest. However, this isn’t just your standard traditional heavy metal act as they add in elements of the occult to provide a nice fresh take on an older genre that has needed a breath of fresh air.

Vultures Vengeance begins Where the Time Dwelt In with an intro that bleeds perfectly into the following track A Curse From Obsidian Realm. The intro does a great job of sucking you in to the rest of the release and the remaining four tracks do a great job of keeping you listening all throughout and then some. Each track on this release is performed and executed very well to gift to you a solid and head bang worthy listen that you ultimately cannot stop listening to. As mentioned before, Vultures Vengeance add a few twists to the traditional heavy metal sound to create a unique and intriguing sound, ultimately creating an intoxicating and highly memorable one.

Once Vultures Vengeance gets going they just don’t stop as they pour out track after track of nothing but heavy metal magic. This four piece certainly has a knack for and an ear for heavy metal as they display their heavy metal power and prowess through five great tracks. Where the Time Dwelt In is packed full of soaring solos, powerful vocals and great musicianship overall to provide you with a highly entertaining listen. Each track is smooth, melodic and atmospheric and has no issues with drawing you in and keeping you engrossed all throughout.

Where the Time Dwelt In is a great release and how it has flown under the radar for me up until this point is beyond me. It will be exciting to see what Vultures Vengeance has in store next as far as releases go, whether it’ll be a full length or another EP. Regardless of that, what we have now is Where the Time Dwelt In, and we’ll just have to wear this release out until another appears from the crypts.

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