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Atomck: Every Room In Britain

July 23, 2017


Atomck describes themselves as “proper grindcore” and that certainly is pretty appropriate being how their newest release Every Room In Britain is filled with nothing but twenty-one tracks of furious grind. These Bristol dwelling heathens play an intense and of course chaotic brand of grind, much like grind should be, and all throughout this record you are subjected to nothing but top notch noise. Minute after minute you are bombarded with screeching vocals and spastic riffs that crash down upon you much like a car wreck. Atomck begin their release with Rot Induction, which is actually just noise, but from then on you are pile driven with blistering fast and face melting grind of the likes that you will not soon forget.

After the brief four second intro, Atomck kick everything into high gear providing you with a bombastic and spastic listen, one that sends your head into a tail spin and turns your brain to mush. As per grindcore tradition, each of the twenty-one tracks is incredibly short hardly every passing over the one minute mark, so what you get with this record is nothing short of a blitzkrieg of harsh metallic noise. Each track passes before you get to blink your eyes. After you press play you become surrounded in chaos and are being prodded and bombarded with twisted and furious grind for you to revel in.

Every Room In Britain is a sonic assault, one that you have no chance of escaping once you press play. Once you lift your finger off of the play button you become trapped in a vortex of sharp metallic madness from which you can’t see your way out of. Each track rolls right into the next providing you with a whiplash inducing and neck breaking listen. Atomck does a great job of giving you no choice but to headbang and snap your neck back and forth as feverishly as possible. Each of these tracks come complete with sharp riffs and chaotic drumming that are only to be backed by vocals that transition between guttural growls and high pitched screeches that sound like a distressed animal. While it may sound exactly like noise and nothing but, it really isn’t. Each track is constructed well and performed well providing you with a solid overall listen.

Atomck certainly weren’t wrong to describe themselves as proper grindcore because that is what they are. They are madness and chaos that seems to be barely contained and that is what makes Every Room In Britain an enjoyable and highly entertaining listen.

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