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Nicumo: Storms Arise

July 25, 2017


Taking cues from different genres such as straight up rock ‘n’ roll and death metal among others, Nicumo creates a unique, melodic and melancholic sound that certainly is hard to forget. Storms Arise is the title of Nicumo’s most recent release, and within this record you will find eleven brand new tracks that provide you with wondrous soundscapes and melancholic melodies as well as some devilish and headbang worthy tones. As a band, Nicumo is diverse, never settling completely into one single genre for all too long. Nicumo does a great job of bringing together many genres to create a sound that is very palatable and cohesive, and never do they lurch from genre to genre. Nicumo does a great job of sewing everything together with ease to provide you with a unique listening experience.

To begin Storms Arise, Nicumo provides you with an atmospheric and melodic intro titled The Dawn. Once The Dawn has concluded, Nicumo get right into the meat of the record providing you with ten more melodic and heavy tracks for you to lose yourself in. Each track on this record does a great job of sucking you in and keeping you listening until the final note of the entire record has been played. As a whole, Storms Arise is a wholly captivating and memorable release, one that will not be forgotten very quickly at all. Nicumo rolls out track after track of melancholic, melodic and atmospheric wonder, and the further you trek in to the record the more and more captivated you become.

Nicumo does a great job on this record of finding a balance between the melodic and the harsher more headbanging tones. Throughout Storms Arise you are gifted with plenty of diversity and variety so that you won’t hear the same sounds or same song twice. Each track sounds entirely different from the rest and each track does a great job of grabbing your attention and keeping it all throughout. There isn’t a moment within this release where you would think about flat out skipping a track as each of the eleven songs are well done and incredibly enjoyable.

Storms Arise has a knack for enveloping you within itself and keeping you intrigued and listening. This is a record that you can listen to more than just once or more than a couple of times and not tire of. Storms Arise is a smooth and well executed record that surely will please the ears of many people.

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Storms Arise is out now through Inverse Records.

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