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Samot: Across The Abyss

July 31, 2017

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Samot formed in Chile in 2014, and ever since awakening they have released one demo in 2015 and now one four track EP in 2016 titled Across They Abyss. Samot play a blend of death metal and black metal but seem to lean more towards black metal. As mentioned before, Across They Abyss comes complete with four tracks, an instrumental intro, an outro and two more tracks sandwiched between. The intro is titled Awakening and it begins with dissonant drums that soon rise from the abyss only to be accompanied by the rest of the instruments. Awakening begins slow at first but slowly picks up in to a mid tempo pace that gets your head nodding a little.

After Awakening come the two middle tracks titled The Calling and Across The Abyss and each of these tracks is what you would come to expect to hear more of after hearing Awakening. Each of these two tracks is mostly played at a mid tempo pace that do get you involved slightly in the music. The reason why I mention that it gets you slightly involved and gets your head nodding a little bit, is not because the tracks aren’t good, they just seem a little uninspired. While the instrumentation is just fine, it just lacks conviction and drive.

Across The Abyss is lacking just a little something for it to be an EP that you would get hooked on. The music feels all to reserved and it feels like it has more to give and it feels as though Samot as a band has  more to give as well. As mentioned though, the instrumentation, the vocals and the production is all just fine, and it all works together well to create a dark sound, but there needs to be more conviction behind all of it. All in all, Across The Abyss is an okay listen. It will be interesting to see how Samot can progress from here with a new release when one does appear.

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