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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Inanimate Existence: Underneath A Melting Sky

July 17, 2017

Underneath A Melting Sky album artwork

Over the years, I feel  that Inanimate Existence has been a household name for technical death metal and just straight up death metal fans, for good reason. Over the seven years that this band has been in existence, they have pumped out three solid albums to this point, providing you with nothing but some of the most top notch technical death metal out there, and Underneath A Melting Sky certainly is no exception to that statement. This brand new record from these technical death metal aficianados head back to their roots while adding some twists and a new look as to what their original sound was to begin with. Underneath A Melting Sky provides you with eight brand new tracks that are just as head spinning and brain melting as you would wish them to be, and once you press play, there certainly is no stopping the death dealing juggernaut that is Inanimate Existence.

The overall sound is technical-of course-heavy and atmospheric, ultimately providing you with an ethereal and yet an undeniably neck snapping sound. Once you press play you have no choice but to head bang into oblivion and it seems as though Inanimate Existence won’t let go without doing so. Each track is riddled with an onslaught of savage riffs that descend in to wonderful and captivating clean sections. On top of the relentless riffs are the barreling drums and technical and intricate bass work that are forces to be reckoned with themselves. The mangled cherry on top of everything are the unrelenting unearthly dual vocal style from Cameron Porras and Scott Bradley. Backing up all of the swirling metallic madness are the intricate and swirling synths that provide you with a dark and twisting yet dream like atmosphere that sucks you in even further into the listen never to let you go.

Underneath A Melting Sky does a great job of grabbing you by the throat and keeping your attention all the way through. I mean, you shouldn’t have an issue with that anyway, but still. There isn’t a track on this release that you would think of skipping and there isn’t a track where you would want even more out of Inanimate Existence. Each of the eight tracks on this release are as solid as they can be, and the execution is great. As technical and blistering as certain parts of Underneath A Melting Sky can be, it never is chaotic or way over the top. Everything seems to flow seamlessly and effortlessly presenting you with a great and highly intoxicating listen. Once your first listen is over you feel the need to curb your fix as you wear out the play button on whatever device it is that you happen to be listening to this record on.

From the technical precision that these guys display, to the dark and sinister atmosphere, to the clean production and more, this record is one solid fucking release. There is only one issue that I have found with it however, and that is that is just simply is not long enough. That is it. Other than that, this release is great, and you should keep your eyes peeled for it when it is released.

Underneath A Melting Sky will be released through The Artisan Era August 25, 2017.

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From the Hellmouth/Mutilatred: Split EP

July 16, 2017

From the Hellmouth Split

Joining forces to spread as much death, destruction and malice as possible are two of Ohio’s finest death metal acts, From the Hellmouth and Mutilatred. These two skull crushing bands have come together to present an eight track EP that is certain to take your life and leave you rotting bloodied and beaten in a shallow ditch. There is not a track on this split that will save you from the blood letting what so ever as each of the eight tracks on this release are as brain boiling and blood thirsty as you could possibly imagine.

The first three tracks on this split belong to From the Hellmouth, and each of their tracks are just as devastating as the last. From the Hellmouth comes blasting out of your speakers first with Cast Into The Sea, a neck snapping and flesh peeling track that gets your head nodding from the drop of the first note. The brutality doesn’t stop there however as From the Hellmouth roll on supplying you with two more tracks that are just as heavy and soul ripping. With an unrelenting sound that is brought to you by bone shattering drumming, skin melting riffs and blood curdling vocals, From the Hellmouth seems to aim to dig you an early grave. The fusion of straight up death metal with some elements of brutal death and slam work so well together ultimately presenting you an unrelenting barrage of vile and disgusting death for you to revel in. The three tracks that From the Hellmouth has on this split are monstrous and a complete force to be reckoned with. Prepare to have your skull severed in two.

The final five tracks of this split EP belong to Mutilatred of course, and these morgue suppliers provide you with even more disgust, filth and blood for you to soak up. There is almost no time at all to prepare yourself for Mutilatred’s onslaught as their first track of the split EP shoots straight out of your speakers aiming for nothing but your throat. These death dealers hack and slash their way through the five remaining tracks with the intent to cull the weak and obliterate anyone who dares oppose them. As hammering drums and grave digging riffs reign down upon you, you can feel your brain being turned into cerebral soup with each passing minute. Mutilatred-much like From the Hellmouth-has a massive and vile sound. The overall sound is raw and unfiltered and each track seems to be dripping with blood and the innards of their last and latest victims. Not only are you the listener, but you will be and are the next cadaver.

These two bands are insane, in a good way of course. Both From the Hellmouth and Mutilatred are disgustingly heavy and both bring something new and fresh to the altar of sacrifice. With this split, both bands fork out brand new tracks-of course-and each of the eight tracks-including the eight and a half minute ominous closer-are potent and memorable. There isn’t a song on this release that is lacking anything as each of them are executed very well only to provide something that is purely unholy and utterly devastating and destructive. After just one listen you will feel as though you have been chopped up and left for dead. These blood drenched and victim seeking tracks are something to behold, and there is no possible way that you can go wrong with this release if you are a death metal fan of any kind.

You can pre-order this release right on Bandcamp.

This split will be released August 4, 2017 through Redefining Darkness Records.


Biesy: Noc Lekkich Obyczajów

July 15, 2017


Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is the title of the debut full length from Polish blackened death metal act Biesy. Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is a concept album about how urban life can isolate and separate you from reality and how it can also permit you to be free and roam wherever you please. Through six tracks, Biesy provides you with an intense, unsettling and dismal sound that is sure to latch on to you from the very beginning. Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is quite a commanding and demanding record for being Biesy’s debut full length, and with that being said, it is nice to see that right from the very beginning they pull out all the stops and pull no punches to present to you a raw and unfiltered release.

Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is a gigantic record, and it doesn’t seem as though Biesy is afraid what so ever to go for broke and lay it all out on the table. These heathens seem to take no shortcuts with this record, and what you hear seems to be Biesy giving it their all, emptying the tank to provide you with an overall captivating and harrowing listen. According to Third Eye Temple, it doesn’t seem as though Biesy even left the room to take breaks from recording, and that certainly shows.

This entire record is filled with harsh, terrorizing and blasting tunes that get your neck snapping in a heart beat. The riffs are sinister and razor sharp and they are only supplemented by hammering drums and throat tearing vocals to create a bleak and bitter sound for you to soak up. However, Biesy doesn’t just provide you with nothing but blasting and tumultuous tunes as they present to you a slower tempo as well that is eerie and just as sinister. Biesy utilizes both the up tempo blastings as well as the haunting down tempo in cohesion to provide you with a unique and completely dismal listen. Never does it seem as though Biesy lurches from their up tempo style to their down tempo style as they sew both together seamlessly creating an unholy and soul sucking sound.

More than just the metallic onslaught though is the poisonous atmosphere that they provide all throughout the record as well. The atmosphere is mystifying, blackened and harsh, surrounding you the very minute that you press play. Noc Lekkich Obyczajów as a whole would be bleak and sinister without the use of such a detrimental atmosphere, but with it, Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is just that much darker and that much more potent.

Overall, Noc Lekkich Obyczajów is an interesting record, one that sucks you in and captivates you. For this being Biesy’s debut it certainly is one hell of a solid record.

Noc Lekkich Obyczajów will be out through Third Eye Temple September 9, 2017.

Featured Interview: Acedia Mundi

July 14, 2017

Acedia Mundi - Speculum Humanae Salvationis

Earlier today I was fortunate enough to interview the masterminds behind Acedia Mundi and ask them some questions about their record “Speculum Humanae Salvationis” as well as their plans for upcoming releases and touring. The entire interview can be seen below! Enjoy!

How did the name Acedia Mundi come about and what does it mean?

J : Acedia Mundi means “disgust of the world”, and the word “acedia” can also refer, nowadays, to a spiritual crisis experienced by a monk. 

W : The word ‘Acedia’ comes from the Ancient Greek substantive “ακηδία”. Its primordial meaning was “lack of care”. If this spiritual disease is very common these days its roots go back to the fathers of the desert. Saint Thomas Aquinas defined acedia as a form of “disgust with activity”. Acedia relates to the fact of doing several things but the one you are supposed to be doing. It is a way to avoid the existential question: “what am I supposed to be doing?”. Some think acedia is the greatest of all sins, probably because of its universality; and I do believe it strikes more people than capital vices like lust or pride. According to Christians, the antidote for acedia is God’s love. To love as Christ did.

Can you tell a little bit about the history of Acedia Mundi?

V : J and I have been playing together for almost 9 years in different death or black metal bands that remained studio projects. After a short break in our musical activities, we decided to reunite and create Acedia Mundi at the end of 2013. We began to put together directly a debut full-length album. Then W (bass) and G (drums) joined us in 2014. Now we are preparing ourselves for some live appearances planned for early 2018.

What compelled you to create the music that you do? What is the driving force behind it?

J : It’s difficult to answer and it can be very different for each of us, I guess. For me, I would say that our songs are a means of expressing feelings and emotions that could hardly find another way out. Everybody experiences extreme feelings, what Spinoza called the “sad passions”, and we need to let it go and to create something with those. It’s a catharsis.

V : Alcohol is also a good way to create this twisted vibe of Acedia’s music.

Your sound is incredibly raw. Is that the sound you intended on going for to begin with or did it happen naturally?

J : Both. We wanted something raw, but you never know exactly how it will sound before you record it. A huge part of the job was up to Andrew Guillotin from the Hybreed Studios (Temple of Baal, Merrimack…), and he did great.

The last two tracks of your album read kind of like a sentence. I believe it to be written in Latin. I may have the translation wrong, but I think it’s, “We have not chosen that we are not the dregs.” If I’m not reading too much into this, what is the meaning behind this and the way that you have the last two tracks titled?

J : Actually it means something like : “We who haven’t been chosen, we are the shit of god”. The idea to link those two tracks occurred when we were writing the last one. There was something common in the riffing, and we just thought about the lyrics of the last song as a sequel to the previous one. Here, we were talking about the absence of transcendence, of mysticism, of divine, confronted to our human need to believe in something more than what we see, need which has to remain unfulfilled. 

As for the song “Ceux qui Marchent” I believe it to be “those who walk”. Again I may be way off in translation, but would you mind telling what this track is about and the meaning behind the title?

J : The lyrics are about the violence the weak ones have to cope with. In the song, you hear the voice of a kid explaining how he was raped. To be “those who walk” means to kiss your past goodbye (to quote Aerosmith) and to move form victim to revolutionary. They sow the wind and they will reap the whirlwind (to quote something less cool than Aerosmith). 

Each track on your record is something that is unique and doesn’t necessarily bind itself to death, black or doom metal. Was it a conscious effort to not pigeonhole yourselves into a single genre?

J : We listen to many different genres, even out of the metal sphere. So it was natural for us to break free from the expectations of black metal.

 There are some spoken word samples that are spread all throughout the release, can you tell where you came up with them and why you decided to incorporate them into your music?

V : The spoken words come from films we like. For the intro, it’s extracted from Harmony Korine’s “Gummo”, David Lynch’s “Lost Highway” for “The Sadist is The Saddest”, “Les Enfants Terribles”, a film by Jean-Pierre Melville for “From Sodom to Magog” and “Song for A Raggy Boy” (Aisling Walsh) on “Ceux qui Marchent”. In Acedia Mundi, the cinematographic aspect is very important. It brings another level of reading, an extension of our lyrics and something that highlight the oppressive atmosphere of our songs. We also have some musical samples, like Gregorian Chants on “The Sadist is the Saddest”, that add an ironic “spiritual” side and an old melancholic and forlorn song from a 20’s French singer called Yvonne George, “Les Cloches de Nantes” at the end of “… Sumus Fex Dei”.

W : These cinematographic influences should help us in the making of a video-clip. We know it isn’t something popular within the Black Metal scene yet our aim isn’t to reproduce a standard and stereotypical exercise. We are tired to see bands film themselves playing their own music. It’s boring as fuck and nobody is really interested in the final product. It ends up being a bland promotional tool to get the attention of the public. Our goal would be to make something aesthetically interesting and strong without falling into the thousands of clichés the mainstream bands do.

France seems to have a large religious presence, and your music certainly is not. Has there been any backlash on that front? And if so, how have you dealt with it?

J : Black metal bands talk about religion because it’s traditional in the genre, not because it’s what they are disgusted by when they get out to see the streets downstairs. More often than not, they are just motherfucking traditionalists, nationalists and so on, and they share the ideology of Christians without the cornerstone of Christianism, that is to say god. We are not like that. God is out my life (and out of yours too, in case you don’t know). There are enough real problems; we don’t need to deal with imaginary ones. I don’t think that a so called  “satanic band” can have anything sincere : “hey wanker, talk about what you really feel and what you really see, you are too old to play with supernatural toys. Or maybe you just have nothing to say…”

W : The religious presence of our country is more symbolic than anything else. The halls of our churches welcome more tourists than devoted Christians. I’d say most of the French worship secularity and the great nothing with the same intensity as Christians believe in god. Which means that being antichristian or anticlerical isn’t much of a rebellious nor courageous approach to Black Metal. You don’t fight those who are no threat to you. In the end there is no religious backlash, only some Christians blind enough to be upset that Watain and Tsjuder perform at Hellfest.

  As for the sincerity among satanic black metal bands I disagree with J. A lot of bands have turned to occultism and mysticism these past few years. Especially with the eruption of Ritual and Occult Black Metal. I can’t believe there is no sincerity in a mystical approach of the genre as the Left Hand Path is a very intimate, deep and strong approach to life itself. The Left Emanations are connected with black metal and I don’t think they can be separated “for good”. Even some titles of our album could be associated with occult symbols. To some extent, a title like “Sumus Fex Dei” (We are the shit of God) could be associated with Qliphoths, fragments of the evil worlds that preceded ours.

Are you planning on touring soon, and if so where will you be playing?

W : Touring shouldn’t been too hard for us as I have built some connections. It is the benefit of touring with other bands. Unfortunately, Acedia Mundi was initially thought as a studio project and it is not an easy task to find a good and available drummer in Paris. Yet, rehearsals have begun and we’d love to get on stage. I’d like a crushing start : touring within the country plus opening for a festival. We’ll see how that goes. Of course, we’ll definitely try to get out the country as soon as possible.

Your new record didnt come out all too long ago, but have you begun writing more music and what are your plans for future releases?

J: Yes. And it’s fucking crazy.

V: We have already started writing some new materials for the next release. We have two new songs almost ready. It will be probably a little bit different. The songs and the lyrics will be shorter. We want to keep our dissonant atmosphere while bringing a punk/crust side in our music. Even for the imagery, we’d like to evolve towards something more modern and more provocative that break all the clichés. This next album will be less dense and more fitted for the live. It’s still a little early to confirm all this, but it’s in any case the way we’d like to sound in the future.

And last but not least, do you have anything you would like to say to your fans?

J: Frankly speaking, no.

V: We’ve got no fans

W : Send us dick picks we can use for future artworks.

NYN: Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt

July 12, 2017

NYN album artwork.jpg

There is progressive/technical death metal and then there is progressive/technical death metal wizardry, and NYN certainly belongs to the latter category. Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is the new metallic tour de force from NYN and this new record unleashes nine brand new tracks of some of the most fine and technical death metal to date. Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is a mind bending and altering release that will have you hooked from the very first second on, but be sure to buckle up before pressing play. The style of play here just seems chaotic and seems as though it is on the verge of flying off the rails at any moment, but that definitely is not the case. Each track on this release is refined, controlled, tight and unbelievably technical, so much so that it sends your mind in to a tail spin before turning it to complete mush.

The opening track to Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is titled The Mind Inverted, which is incredibly appropriate. This track is a short fifty-four seconds long that ultimately gets you acquainted with the record as it shows you just a little of what NYN is capable of. The Inverted Mind is a blasting and forceful track that snaps your head back immediately and that style continues all throughout the rest of the record. Each track on this release chips away at your brain ultimately scrambling it well before the entire record is over. Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is definitely a controlled chaos, one that provides you with incredibly tight, technical and schizophrenic riffs, seizing synths, swirling bass lines and vocals that jump all over the place. The vocals that are provided within this record transition from unearthly death metal growls, to more traditional heavy metal cleans, to a more prog fueled style of vocal that almost seems alien.

The talent and musical wizardry that is on display on this release is something to behold. I really don’t think that these guys are human. Each track is just another mind bending metallic assault for you to absorb and to try to wrap your brain around. Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is an amalgamation of numerous genres and they all work together so fucking well creating a cohesive and whole sound. With everything that NYN pumps into their music it would seem that the overall sound would be something that is too chaotic, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. NYN weave everything together expertly to create a unique and memorable sound that you will never forget.

Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is utter madness in the best possible way. From beginning to end you are presented with some of the best, mind altering progressive/technical death metal out there. The tracks on this release are longer reaching over the seven minute mark often with the epic Maelstrom reaching over fourteen total minutes long, but even so it never feels like it at all. Never do you get the feeling that the songs are dragging and never do you get the feeling that you want the record to end, in fact it is quite the opposite. Once you begin listening, you just can’t seem to get your fill of progressive/technical death metal madness. Overall, Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt is one killer record. My final word is that you just cannot go wrong with this record what so ever.

Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt will be unleashed upon the masses August 11, 2017.


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Funeralium: Of Throes And Blight

July 11, 2017

This review is going to begin by me stating that if you are a funeral doom lover and you have not yet heard Funeralium’s Of Throes And Blight, then you really need to get on it. Of Throes And Blight is unlike any other record that I have heard to date. It is massive, depressive, pained, tortured and more only providing you with a twisting and utterly devastating heaping pile of doom. This release is less of an album and more of a march toward your very own rotted grave. Of Throes And Blight is a double album that clocks in at over ninety total minutes with two tracks that reach over twenty, and one that reaches over thirty. For perspective, the shortest track on this release is only nine minutes long, and that seems to be a welcome sight once you have already endured fifty plus minutes of unbelievably murky and soul ripping doom.

The only issue is that even when that nine minute track appears from the abyss, it still doesn’t grant you any reprieve. Each of the four tracks on this release are just as tortured and tormented as the last gifting to you one hell of a nasty listen. Of Throes And Blight drags on at a glacial speed providing you with sleepy and buzzing riffs that are supplemented by tortured screams and unearthly growls. Behind the slumbering riffs are the ever rumbling bass lines and the hammering drums that drag along with everything else to present to you a very slow and anguished death.

Of Throes And Blight isn’t meant for the light hearted and definitely should not be taken lightly. This release walks you through utter depressive darkness only for you to come out the other side a changed person and or a complete shell of your former self. The way in which Funeralium approaches each song is simple yet so mesmerizing and enchanting in a twisted sort of way. Once you begin listening you just can’t seem to pull yourself out of the darkness that you are staring in to. Even with its daunting run times, Of Throes And Blight never makes it feel as though it is a chore to listen to if you take the time out and have the stamina to listen to it through and through.

This bleak masterpiece of a funeral doom album certainly is something to behold. It is pained, anguished, tortured, challenging, heavy and more. Of Throes And Blight is an undeniable album, one that is monstrous and captivating from beginning to end. It pulls you in to the darkness with it, has you stare in to the abyss as it stares back at you. If you can withstand this bleak onslaught of darkened dementia and if funeral doom is what you are into, Of Throes And Blight is the record for you. This release is one of the finest funeral doom releases this year, if not one of the finest we will see all year.

You can order this release right on the Caligari Records webstore.

Uerberos: Tormented By Faith

July 9, 2017


A vast majority of Poland believes that there is a God with only a small amount of the population that does not believe that there is a God, and Uerberos belongs to the latter category of Polish fiends it seems. These death metal heathens not only defy what the vast majority of their country believes in general, but they do so in the form of neck breaking death metal as well. Tormented By Faith is Uerberos’ newest full length release that is chock-full of devastating and bone crushing death metal. There are ten tracks total on this release and each one is a rumbling, decapitating force of death.

Tormented By Faith begins with an intro and that intro begins with bells tolling and perhaps a priest as well as a choir reciting hymns until about half way through where a devilish being takes the life of the priest so it seems. The intro makes a statement itself just as the title of the album does, but from then on Uerberos is nothing but business. Once the intro concludes, Uerberos begins their malignant onslaught and their slaughter with ease. Each track rumbles along in devastating fashion providing you with nothing but seriously sinister and stagnant blood soaked death metal.

Throughout this release you are provided with life expunging riffs that are only to be coupled with hammering drums and bone rattling bass lines. The musicianship is on point and deadly all throughout this release rumbling along like a horde of demons headed for any and every church ready to burn them to the ground and slaughter any divine prophet that gets in the way. To top everything off are the blackened vocals that spew forth like hell fire through all of the blood tinged metallic madness. These vocals are savage and throat ripping adding even more blood lust to the music than there already was.

On top of all of the metallic fury is the malevolent atmosphere that runs through the veins of this record. Whether Uerberos meant for it to be there or not, there certainly is a deadly quality to the atmosphere that they provide. The overall atmosphere is evil and purely sinister and feels as though it itself has stolen the lives of many religious leaders. With the soul burning atmosphere coupled with the devastating metallic death, Uerberos creates something that is entirely deadly and venomous and incredibly enjoyable to listen to.

Tormented By Faith is one hell of a great listen and one great record overall. Uerberos pummels you in to an early grave with twisted track after twisted track. These heathens gift you a neck breaking listen and that is just what death metal should be about.

Tormented By Faith can be found on Bandcamp.

Godhead Machinery: Ouroboros

July 8, 2017

Godhead Machinery - Ouroboros - Cover Art.jpg

Heavy metal in general is no stranger to taking on political and religious on goings and there certainly is no deviation from that on Godhead Machinery’s newest offering Ouroboros. This album-as well as the band as a whole-take on political and religious corruption head on, analyzing what political and religious greed does to the earth and spreads that message through the power that is heavy metal. With all of that aside however, Ouroboros is a seven track onslaught that twists black metal and death metal together to create a chaotic, heavy and neck snapping sound. Godhead Machinery begins their new release with the title track, which is a three minute ominous and atmospheric opening that prepares you for what lays in wait inside the rest of the record.

After the intro concludes, Godhead Machinery kicks everything into high gear providing you with six more ripping and flesh searing tracks for your enjoyment. From the second track-titled The Plague-on, Godhead Machinery provides you with a blasting, forceful and powerful sound that leaves your head spinning. Each track is a relentless onslaught of pure blackened death misery that grabs you by the jaw from the very first note never to let you go until the entire album has concluded. The only real reprieve that you are gifted is the intro and somewhat  of an interlude titled Revelation at the end of the album, but other than that you are pelted with scalding hate filled metal from beginning to end.

With tight guitar work and pummeling drumming, Godhead Machinery bear down upon you from the start of the record providing you with nothing but monstrous metal. The musicianship on this record  is not only heavy and devastating, but technical and melodic as well. Godhead Machinery does a great job of sewing the chaotic with the melodic to create a whole and cohesive sound that is pummeling and yet easy to digest and listen to. There isn’t a song on this record that completely flies off the rails to provide you with an overbearing sound. Each track on this record is executed very well and each track plays well with the others gifting you a nice and cohesive listen.

Not only does the musicianship shine through on this release, but the sinister atmosphere does as well. The atmosphere throughout Ouroboros isn’t like the atmosphere you would expect from a straight up black metal record or that of an atmospheric band of course, but it is very present all throughout this release. The atmosphere that is provided hovers over you like a diseased fog that is tempted to swallow anyone and everything that stands in its path. The ever present atmosphere drives this record even further and makes it for an even more compelling and complete listen.

Overall, Ouroboros is a solid listen. This record provides extreme metal fans with something they can all get behind. The combination of black metal and death metal is seamless and devastating and the atmosphere that is provided is purely sinister. This is a complete flesh ripping release, and certainly one to keep an eye out for.

Ouroboros will be out through Inverse Records September 29, 2017

Check out the brand new lyric video for Praise the Flesh below!

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SinnerAngel: Sinister Decalogo

July 7, 2017


Sewing together elements of black metal, death metal and even some elements of power metal, SinnerAngel create a unique sound that isn’t easily pigeonholed into a single genre. SinnerAngel and their music isn’t all over the place either with their mixing and matching of genres as they sew each one together with ease creating a cohesive and overall interesting sound. Sinister Decalogo is the title of SinnerAngel’s brand new release, and within the album you will find ten tracks for your sinister pleasure. With an ominous and atmospheric intro SinnerAngel begin their record preparing you for the darkened onslaught that ensues.

After the opener-which is also the name of the band-SinngerAngel really get into the thick of things providing you with nine thrashing tracks that get your neck snapping back and forth within minutes. Each track that follows the intro is a swirling miasma of metal and you really have no choice but to head bang. The musicianship on all of the tracks is solid as they are complete with tight tremolo picked riffs, thrashing drumming, rumbling bass lines and vocals that are of course hellish and seem to be screamed from beyond the grave. Each element on this record is executed well, from the musicianship, to the vocals, to the underlying dark atmosphere. Sinister Decalogo is a well executed record to say the least.

As mentioned above, SinnerAngel takes ques from death, black and power metal and blend it up into something quite unique. The marriage of all three genres is cohesive and cooperative and never does SinnerAngel lurch from one to the next creating a wholly jarring listen. Instead, each genre is woven together nicely creating a melodic, atmospheric, heavy and memorable listen. Categorizing SinnerAngel under one single category would be a crime as they execute each genre excellently and work in each one seamlessly.

Sinister Decalogo is a solid listen, one that you can listen to numerous times and still get the same amount of enjoyment out of. Each of the ten tracks including the intro are solid. There doesn’t seem to be a track out of place on this record and there certainly isn’t a track on this release that is lack luster. Overall, this is a good album to jam out to and head bang to, and on top of it all this record has something for just about anyone.

You can purchase this record on Bandcamp

The full album stream can be seen down below!

Bonehunter: Sexual Panic Human Machine

July 5, 2017


Bonehunter describes themselves as “devil metal punk”, and I have to say that that is a pretty appropriate title. The blackened punk thrash fusion in which Bonehunter plays is something that is twisted, chaotic, frenzied and overall very entertaining. Sexual Panic Human Machine is a nine track whirlwind of a release that barrels straight toward your neck once you release the play button. After the intro Awaken the Machine…, Bonehunter provide you with eight bombastic and neck snapping tracks for you to enjoy and revel in. Each track on this release including the intro is sordid, blackened and twisted, and more often than not you will catch yourself headbanging right into oblivion.

After Awaken the Machine…, Bonehunter doesn’t allow you any time at all to relax as they shove eight filthy tracks right down your throat whether you wanted that or not. Each track on this release is forceful and coated with a sinister evil just for good measure. Sexual Panic Human Machine is a heavy and hellish release that you would like to play over and over again as it is just as entertaining as it is heavy. Each track on this record is filled with filthy riffs that are coupled by the occasional scorching solo as well as acrobatic drumming and gravel filled screeches from the vocalist. The backbone to each track is the rumbling bass lines and those can certainly be felt all the way through the release.

Sexual Panic Human Machine is riddled with just the right amount of filth and disgust. It’s the appropriate balance. There isn’t enough for you to not want to listen, but there is just enough to add plenty of grit and grime to present to you one dirty and rocking listen. Once you begin listening you can’t help it but to nod your head and soak up all of the blasphemous filth that Bonehunter has to offer. This outing certainly feels more complete and whole than that of their debut album providing you with an overall solid release and a great listen. Each track is fun to listen to and as far as I go, I didn’t get tired of listening to this record at all.

Overall, Sexual Panic Human Machine is a solid listen. This release is something that is heavy and purely entertaining providing you with one solid listen. The “sophomore slump” doesn’t apply with this record.

Sexual Panic Human Machine will be out August 4, 2017 through Hells Headbangers.

You can pre-order this new slice of metal right here on Bandcamp.


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