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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Black March: Praeludium Exterminii

August 19, 2017

Forming in France in 2011, Black March have put out an EP titled Oderint Dum Metuant in 2014 and now four years later this past May these heathens released their debut full length titled Praeludium Exterminii. This ten track release is filled with nothing but damning thrash tinged black metal to crack your skull open to. Save for the intro and a little interlude more than half way through this release, you are provided with nothing but neck snapping and whiplash inducing black metal. From front to back, Praeludium Exterminii provides you with demonic, punishing and unforgiving metal for you to revel in and enjoy.

After a brief ominous intro, Black March dive right into the murky abyss of their record and promptly provide you with neck twisting track after neck twisting track. Until the interlude that appears at track seven, Black March does not stop their blackened metallic assault even for one second. Each second and each minute of this release is riddled with pure blackened sonic madness that does its best to tear you to pieces and lower you into an early grave. Each track is a purely malicious and malignant assault that is brought forth by rabid and blood thirsty vocals as well as buzzing head spinning riffs that are coupled by blasting drums.

Praeludium Exterminii is a bombastic and relentless record that keeps charging and charging, steamrolling everyone in its path until there isn’t anyone left. In its concise run time, Praeludium Exterminii provides you with plenty of brain mashing content, and not only that  but it keeps you coming back for more punishment. This is a thrashing and damning release that grips you by the throat almost immediately only to squeeze tighter as the album plays on. Each track on this record is highly potent and poisonous and Black March doesn’t waste a second between tracks as they jump right in to the next never giving you enough time to relax.

As chaotic as thrash and black metal can be, Praeludium Exterminii is a tightly knit record, one that doesn’t fly off the rails at all. Each track is tightly knit and well executed-including the intro and interlude-making this release a cohesive and well constructed album. Praeludim Exterminii is a good record, one that gets you headbanging immediately and one that you have no issues with coming back and listening to numerous times.

Seven Chains: Seven Chains

August 16, 2017

Sticking to the tried and true death/doom combination but providing a breath of fresh tepid air at the same time is Seven Chains. Their debut provides you with a unique and interesting look in to the death/doom combination never holding on tightly to either death or doom metal tropes what so ever. Within this release, Seven Chains find a way to break those tropes to create a sound that is unique and entirely engrossing. Each track is filled with something new and different and perhaps they add some elements into their music that you may not have heard before. Each track of the three tracks on this release are forever shifting and changing shape never giving you the same sound or look twice.

This self titled release has an overall sound to it that not only is haunting, damning and punishing, but one that is also odd at times and even so that is refreshing to hear. Even though the run times on this release are pretty substantial, you still can’t seem to pull yourself away from it as this record grips you and never lets you go. And as a matter of fact, you will find yourself on the edge anticipating what will happen next only to have Seven Chains throw you for another loop or twist. As mentioned before, these three tracks that are present on this release are forever shape shifting and changing, providing you with plenty of variety and diversity. Seven Chains does a great job of bouncing between both death and doom and if one genre seems to be over staying its welcome that is changed in a heartbeat. If you feel as though the dirge filled doom sections are dragging a bit these guys hit you with blasting death and the inverse happens as well.

The balance between death and doom is great and Seven Chains shows that they can play both with ease and melt both together seamlessly to create an interesting and gripping sound. Never once does it seem as though any of the tracks drag on for too long and that includes the twenty-one minute closer. Seven Chains seems to have an innate ability to capture your attention and never have it waver. Each of the three tracks on this self titled release are crafted very well and executed very well also gifting you with a cohesive, dark and purely sinister sound that is incredibly intoxicating.

Right from the get go the gnarled and haunting sounds of Seven Chains grabs your attention and from then on you become submerged in their dark and abyssal world that they have created with this release. Even through numerous listens this record never gets tiring or old as you always will seem to find something new that you didn’t hear with the listen before. Overall, Seven Chains has created something that is heavy, haunting, gnarled, ghastly and most importantly memorable.

Sentient Divide: Sentient Divide

August 14, 2017

Coupling black metal influences with death metal and some hardcore for extra spine stomping measure is Sentient Divide and up from the swirling abyss with them comes their nine track self titled release. Hailing from Spokane, Washington, these heathens provide you with a flesh tearing and completely damning and haunting sound that you won’t soon be able to shake. Once you press play on this record it digs its meaty claws right into you never letting you go even for a brief moment. There are only brief moments of reprieve from the sonic wall of pure madness and chaos and they come right at the very beginning of the record and at the end. Other than that you are subjected to nothing but a pure and devastating onslaught of death tinged black metal that aims to melt your soul.

Armed with poison filled riffs, bone shaking bass lines and blasting drums you are provided with non stop torment in blasphemous proportions. With banshee shrieked vocals that pierce your ears like no other added to the mix, this self titled release is a chaotic maelstrom of death and disease. There is no escaping the onslaught once you begin listening as the only option that you have/get is to sit there and take all of the punishment that these heathens dish out.

Each track on this release save for Precipice and Sentient Divide are for the most part an all out aural assault, but not entirely. Sentient Divide does a great job of shifting and changing tempos quite often providing you not only with a head caving and blasting sound but they also provide you with a slower more stalking tempo. While tempos tend to change all throughout this release, the atmosphere certainly does not. Throughout this self titled record you are provided with a haunting and dismal atmosphere that follows you throughout the entire release as it tends to hang on you and drag you asunder in the sinister and abysmal depths.

With the swarming musicianship coupled with blood thirsty vocals that is only to be supplemented by the detrimental atmospheres, you are only to be gifted with an intense and flesh ripping listen. This self titled release-and debut full length-is something to behold as it is monstrous and purely unforgiving. For this being Sentient Divide’s debut full length they certainly deliver and more. This self titled debut is an impressive piece of work that will surely please the deformed ears of many metal fiends.


War Engine: The Verdict

August 13, 2017

Hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia is War Engine and their newest release is titled The Verdict. These crazy heathens play a blend of thrash and hardcore to provide you with a bone breaking sound that gets your head banging right from the get go. As a matter of fact, War Engine doesn’t give you much of a choice other than to head bang. Through eight tracks you are provided with nothing but harsh and punishing hardcore infused thrash metal that seems to aim to do nothing but break your bones.

This fusion of hardcore and thrash is a completely bombastic one and the entire record is exactly that as a matter of fact. There are no fillers or fluff what so ever as you are presented with nothing but thrashing hardcore that intends to break your neck and sever your life from this world. Each of the eight tracks barrels right at you aiming right for your jugular never stopping to take your life into consideration at all. Once you press play there is no stopping the metallic onslaught that is The Verdict, as each and every track is filled with plenty of anger, hate and contempt for everyone that listens.

The only time that you witness War Engine slowing down during a track is when you are bearing witness to a head stomping breakdown, but even then that really isn’t much of a break in action. The Verdict is an undeniably heavy and head caving release that is purely relentless and unforgiving. No matter what you do while listening there is no escape from the sonic madness that is The Verdict.

From heavy stomping down tuned riffs the rumbling bass lines and throat shredding vocals you are provided with an explosive and bombastic listen that gets your head banging and neck snapping from beginning to end. The Verdict is thrashing metallic madness that is executed well and will certainly cater to thrash and hardcore fans alike. There is something in this record that will please fans of both as the crossover is seamless providing you with a cohesive and life threatening sound.


Xanthochroid: Of Erthe And Axen: Act I

August 13, 2017


Appropriately labeling themselves as “cinematic black metal” is Xanthochroid and on their upcoming and newest release Of Erthe And Axen: Act I they take that label to new heights. Through the forty-three minute run time of Act I, you are provided with wondrous and captivating atmospheres that grab your attention right away never to let you go. Throughout this release, Xanthochroid provide you with wondrous, cinematic and provoking stories in which you become wrapped up in and involved in immediately.

Xanthochroid does a great job of gifting you with a piece of work that is cohesive, gripping and wholly enveloping. Each composition that appears on Act I is something to behold and each composition plays right in to the next providing you with a seamless and very well told story. There is not a track within this record that is out of place and there certainly isn’t one that is just filler as each and every track has a purpose and each track progresses Xanthochroid’s story very well. Each of the eight tracks on this release are well executed and performed providing you with a unique and entirely captivating listen.

Not only does Xanthochroid do a great job in providing you with a captivating story, but they do a great job of balancing their black metal elements with their wonderful cinematic elements as well. As a whole, Act I is harsh yet delicate, bombastic yet melodic and Xanthochroid does as great job of balancing every element creating a whole and full bodied sound that is entirely enjoyable to listen to. Throughout each track you are provided with the harsh and punishing tones of black metal, but you are also provided with melodic acoustic elements that are supplemented by non-traditional heavy metal instruments as well. Keyboards and flutes among other non-traditional metal instruments are used to create a wondrous and bewitching atmosphere that makes you feel as though you are a part of their story.

On top of the very well executed instrumentation are the hypnotic dual male and female vocals. The clean sung parts throughout Act I are very well done and the vocals are so angelic and mesmerizing it is hard not to get wrapped up in them all together. As a whole, there is just no denying Act I and all of its grandeur. This release certainly is an epic piece, one that takes you on a journey and provides you with a story that is enthralling and well spun. “Cinematic black metal” is a spot on description, and Xanthochroid take that definition to new heights it seems with Act I.

At the end of Act I it makes you long for Act II to appear from the fog covered woods, but while we wait for the conclusion we have this epic piece of metal to enjoy and covet. Overall, Act I is a great record, and if atmospheric and cinematic metal is what you are looking for, then you don’t have to look much further than this record.

Of Erthe And Axen: Act I will be released August 22, 2017.


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Bloodrainbow: Upheaval

August 10, 2017

Bloodrainbow - Upheaval CD front.jpg

Since their formation in 2002, Bloodrainbow kept busy with a demo and EP released in the same year in 2003, only to release their debut full length one year later. 2005 saw the coming of their sophomore full length titled Smelteries of Damnation, and after some dormant years these death dealers are back this year with Upheaval. With Upheaval, Bloodrainbow stick with their death metal roots but add some twists in the form of non traditional death metal instruments. Bloodrainbow mix in a saxophone as well as a trombone this time around to create a diverse, unique and interesting sound that grabs your attention from the very first note.

Each of the eight tracks that appear on this record including the intro are highly memorable as well as tracks that you don’t mind listening to over and over again. Upheaval as a whole is incredibly intoxicating and captivating as it seems to grab you right from the start keeping your attention all throughout. For the most part these tracks harbor pretty substantial run times, but even so that doesn’t seem to be a detractor from the record at all. Never once do any of the songs on this record feel labored or forced and never do they seem as though they are as lengthy as they are. Upheaval as whole is a seamless and easy record to listen to numerous times without even realizing it.

As mentioned above, Bloodrainbow uses non traditional death metal instruments as well all throughout Upheaval providing you with a varied and diverse sound. The saxophone and trombone pieces that are sprinkled all throughout this record are incorporated so well to the blasting and face melting death metal. Their addition to each track is seamless and they add an interesting and unique element to each song as well. Among all of the furious drumming and the wall of deadly riffs, you are provided at times with saxophone solos as well as some trombone pieces that work cohesively with all of the rumbling death metal that makes this record as well as your listen that much more memorable. The addition of these instruments is an interesting one, but one that works oh so well.

Upheaval as a whole is a unique record, one that still holds true to standard death metal while adding elements that might not seem like a great fit at first to create a wholly interesting sound. Each of the eight tracks are solid, well executed, produced and crafted to provide you with an overall great listen.



Lucifer’s Chalice: The Pact

August 7, 2017


Categorizing themselves as “sinister heavy metal darkness” is Lucifer’s Chalice, and they certainly live up to the title that they have given themselves. The Pact is their debut full length as it harbors four mysterious tracks that run about forty minutes in total. This release has an old-school feel to it and you can tell that these heathens worship the metal forefathers before them. Each of the four tracks on this release are of course influenced by traditional heavy metal but there are doom elements sprinkled all throughout as well providing you with an even more sinister and lurking evil sound.

Lucifer’s Chalice certainly does not waste either their time or yours as they get right into the thick of things with Hung At The Crossroads. This track begins with a little solo at the very beginning, but around the fifty second mark it begins to pick up and you are treated to a full fledged rocking tune that gets your head nodding whether you wanted it to or not. Throughout this ten minute track as well as the other three that follow after, you are provided with nothing but malicious rocking tunes with doom elements that are mixed in for good measure. The combination of doom and heavy metal within this record is a solid combination and Lucifer’s Chalice mixes both together very well to create a cohesive and evil sound overall.

This brew of witchcraft and wizardry is crafted very well, and each track is very solid and memorable. Throughout this release Lucifer’s Chalice greet you with indelible riffs that are supplemented by soaring solos, pounding drumming and rumbling bass lines. Making their way to the forefront of the buzzing wall of metal and doom are the clean vocals that are strong and well sung. With a solid production on top of everything, you are treated to a great listen that you ultimately have a hard time pulling yourself away from.

The Pact as a whole is a great listen and with a run time that sits around forty minutes it never feels like it is asking too much to listen over and over again. And even though each track holds substantial run times they don’t seem to drain you or tire you of the record as a whole either. Overall, The Pact is a well put together and well crafted record that will surely bode well with doom fiends and heavy metal merchants alike.

The Pact will be released September 29, 2017 through Shadow Kingdom Records.

Check out the song Hung At The Crossroads from this upcoming release below!

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Horrified: Allure of the Fallen

August 6, 2017

horrified - allure cover Low Res.jpg

After releasing two full length albums under different labels in 2014 and 2016 respectively, Horrified is back this year under Shadow Kingdom Records to present their newest full length titled Allure of the Fallen. In this new record, Horrified takes what they did best in their past two albums and then some to create a more mature, wholly captivating and mystifying sound that is so inviting to your ears. Allure of the Fallen is comprised of six expansive and wondrous melodic death metal tracks that grip you right from the very beginning only to take you on a journey through their brand of twisting melodic death metal.

Each track that Allure of the Fallen harbors certainly are long, but never are they cumbersome or tiring at all. Even though each track reaches over the seven, five and nine minute marks, they never seem to wear you down or tire you out what so ever. In fact you will find yourself reaching for the play button over and over again once you have completed each listen. Allure of the Fallen has a run time of about forty-six minutes and for each minute you are compelled by this record and stuck to your speakers until it is over. There isn’t a track on this release that would warrant you to skip it and there isn’t a track on this record that doesn’t seem to fit properly among the rest either. Each of the six tracks on this release are solid and expertly crafted to provide you with a great overall listen.

With influences of doom and black metal seeping their way into the fray of death as well, you are provided with a unique and even more varied sound. Neither genre is as prominent as melodic death metal is of course, but both of the aforementioned genres certainly can be heard in all six tracks. These genres and their influences add more variety and content into this already content packed album. From the occasional black metal style shrieks to the dirges of somber doom sprinkled throughout, Allure of the Fallen takes on an even more cohesive and full bodied listen for you to enjoy and to soak up.

Throughout this release you are treated to tight musicianship as well as great vocals that are only to be supplemented by solid production ultimately gifting you with one hell of a record. As mentioned above, Allure of the Fallen does a great job of captivating you and having you stay all throughout never making you feel as though you want a break from the action. Each track is tightly knit and well executed and even though the run times are longer, it really never feels as though they are. As a whole, Allure of the Fallen is an excellent album, one that is not to be missed at all, and one that certainly will be a highlight record of 2017.

Allure of the Fallen will be released September 29, 2017 through Shadow Kingdom Records.

Check out the title track below!

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Oraculum: Always Higher

August 6, 2017

oraculum - always higher cover.jpg

Completely cloaked in the stench of death and utterly drenched in the blood of their enemies is Oraculum who hail from Chile and play a gut ripping brand of death metal. Always Higher is the title of their newest release and this new trek through death offers up four tracks of gritty and foul death metal. From the intro Exeunt on you are pummeled and buried under mountains of the diseased and deceased until you become just another thrown on top of said pile.

As mentioned, Always Higher houses four tracks including the grim intro and within these four tracks you are treated to nothing but pure death and nothing but. After Exeunt is over, the barbaric Lex Talionis begins and within seconds you become ensnared in Oraculum’s potent vortex of death. From Lex Talionis on you become subjugated to quite the inhumane beating as Oraculum hack and slash away at you leaving you fleshless. Each track on this release is blistering and leaves you with plenty of whiplash and bruising.

Always Higher as a whole is a barbarous and grime filled record that doesn’t let up and doesn’t let it’s boot off of your throat until it has finally concluded. This release grabs you from the start never to let you go until you have been thoroughly beaten. After Exeunt on this release rumbles on like a blood crazed maniac looking for its next victim. Once Always Higher gets rolling it is hard to stop and in fact it doesn’t stop as it seems to be able to steamroll anyone and everything that gets in its scorched path.

With menacing riffs that are backed by chest caving drumming as well as monstrous growls, Always Higher presents you with a murky and grime filled sound. Always Higher is a raw and unforgiving four tracks that gets you to headbang from the very first tepid whiff of death on. Not only that, but with three tracks that reach over four, five and nine minutes you are provided with plenty of stagnant death to enjoy over and over again. Always Higher is a great follow up to Oraculum’s 2014 EP Sorcery of the Damned and from here on out it will great to see what they bring next in terms of a full length. But for now, Always Higher is a great neck breaking EP.

Check out the track Lex Talionis from Always Higher below!

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Vasilek: The Dark Road

August 5, 2017


Vasilek is a project that comes from TOMBS front man Michael Hill and this project is certainly not another black metal project. Instead, Vasilek is an ambient electronic project. This one man electronic band is on the verge of releasing The Dark Road, a three track release that provides you with nothing but pulsing and twisting sounds for you to get lost within. There are no vocals except for the occasional haunting musings of what seems to be a spirit trapped within these tracks, and there aren’t any traditional heavy metal instruments either other than the occasional strummed guitar. Other than that, your ears are graced with nothing but harrowing, twisted and sinister sounds that envelope you and make your mind wander through dark and abyssal corridors.

The Dark Road begins with the four minute Walk With Me, and from this opening track on you are greeted with nothing but swirling ambiance that sucks you in and keeps you in sort of a daze. After Walk With Me you are treated to a track that acts much like the aforementioned opener titled Loss, and within this track you are treated to more abyssal ambiance that pulls you asunder. The third and final track is an epic all its own as it clocks in at over thirty minutes long providing you with a dark and swirling trek. The Green Lady is the name of the closing track and it makes your mind wander into dark and shadow filled places more so than the first two tracks.

As The Green Lady plays on, you feel fully engaged in the song (and in the music overall). All three compositions are smooth and run seamlessly providing you with something that is unique and completely different. You would think that each track would sound the same, but in fact each track does sound different and each track does provide you with something new. The Dark Road as a whole is somewhat mesmerizing and enchanting even though you are treated to a listen that is wholly dark and twisting. If you have the patience to sit through this record, it is a wondrous and enjoyable listen that paints interesting soundscapes and provides you with interesting atmospheres as well.

Ambient electronic music may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but The Dark Road certainly is unique and worth giving a try. This is a solid release overall and worth checking out if you are the more adventurous type who is looking for something that they may not have heard before, and if you are a fan of electronic music or ambient music, then this release certainly would fit you perfectly.

The Dark Road will be out through Translation Loss Records August 25, 2017.

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