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Sinister Haze: Emperor of Dreams

August 2, 2017


Storming out of your speakers in a haze of smoke and colorful mushrooms is Sinister Haze and their newest EP titled Emperor of Dreams. This brand new concoction of tunes is formed by seven total tracks that are pumped full of nothing but psychedelic rock for you to escape into and let your mind wander to as well. There is no mistaking this sound once you press play as you become enveloped in thick smoke and fuzz filled riffs that take your mind on a colorful and eye opening journey through only you know what.

Sinister Haze begins this new EP with Tharsis Command, a near two minute intro that gives you just a little taste of what is to come. This psychedelic intro bleeds straight into the next track “Emperor of Dreams” that begins with a thick smoke filled bass line until the soothing and groove filled riffs kick in. Once Tharsis Command is over and Emperor of Dreams begins you become wrapped up in the wondrous and vast soundscapes that Sinister Haze provides and you cannot escape until the entire EP is over. Minute by minute you can feel your mind drifting through vivid soundscape after vivid soundscape until you are completely lost within the music.

These psychedelic merchants do a great job of drawing you into their EP and keeping you listening all throughout. Each track is captivating, groove filled and just enjoyable to listen to. There isn’t a track on this release that you would wan to do without and there isn’t one that you would want to skip either, and you just can’t skip any even if you wanted to. Emperor of Dreams almost plays as one giant track instead of seven separate tracks as each tune seems to bleed right into the next providing you with a striking and mind warping listen.

With fuzzed out riffs, dissonant clean vocals and rumbling bass lines, Sinister Haze gifts you with a rocking and groove filled listen that is undeniable. While your mind is traveling through space you can feel your head nodding to each and every track not wanting the trip to end at all. Emperor of Dreams is an overall smooth and interesting listen that makes you want to sit and keep listening as long as you can, and sooner rather than later you feel yourself getting lost in the midst of all of the haze.

In between the rocking and head nodding tunes are little interludes that are complete with strange yet mystifying sounds that not only draw you further in to the EP but they also bridge the gaps between each of the full on rocking tunes, and these interludes bleed straight in to those tracks and sometimes even further. These interludes and their odd sounds can be heard occasionally through the tracks that follow just adding another atmospheric and hypnotic element.

Emperor of Dreams is a well put together and executed release. This EP is a cohesive one that makes you feel as though you are in one of the most soothing trips of your life. This is a release that you can sit and zone out to for hours and never get bored of. Emperor of Dreams is highly enjoyable and highly hypnotic, and this EP certainly shouldn’t be one to miss if you are a fan of psychedelic rock.

Emperor of Dreams  will be out August 2, through Graven Earth Records.


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