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Vasilek: The Dark Road

August 5, 2017


Vasilek is a project that comes from TOMBS front man Michael Hill and this project is certainly not another black metal project. Instead, Vasilek is an ambient electronic project. This one man electronic band is on the verge of releasing The Dark Road, a three track release that provides you with nothing but pulsing and twisting sounds for you to get lost within. There are no vocals except for the occasional haunting musings of what seems to be a spirit trapped within these tracks, and there aren’t any traditional heavy metal instruments either other than the occasional strummed guitar. Other than that, your ears are graced with nothing but harrowing, twisted and sinister sounds that envelope you and make your mind wander through dark and abyssal corridors.

The Dark Road begins with the four minute Walk With Me, and from this opening track on you are greeted with nothing but swirling ambiance that sucks you in and keeps you in sort of a daze. After Walk With Me you are treated to a track that acts much like the aforementioned opener titled Loss, and within this track you are treated to more abyssal ambiance that pulls you asunder. The third and final track is an epic all its own as it clocks in at over thirty minutes long providing you with a dark and swirling trek. The Green Lady is the name of the closing track and it makes your mind wander into dark and shadow filled places more so than the first two tracks.

As The Green Lady plays on, you feel fully engaged in the song (and in the music overall). All three compositions are smooth and run seamlessly providing you with something that is unique and completely different. You would think that each track would sound the same, but in fact each track does sound different and each track does provide you with something new. The Dark Road as a whole is somewhat mesmerizing and enchanting even though you are treated to a listen that is wholly dark and twisting. If you have the patience to sit through this record, it is a wondrous and enjoyable listen that paints interesting soundscapes and provides you with interesting atmospheres as well.

Ambient electronic music may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but The Dark Road certainly is unique and worth giving a try. This is a solid release overall and worth checking out if you are the more adventurous type who is looking for something that they may not have heard before, and if you are a fan of electronic music or ambient music, then this release certainly would fit you perfectly.

The Dark Road will be out through Translation Loss Records August 25, 2017.

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