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Horrified: Allure of the Fallen

August 6, 2017

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After releasing two full length albums under different labels in 2014 and 2016 respectively, Horrified is back this year under Shadow Kingdom Records to present their newest full length titled Allure of the Fallen. In this new record, Horrified takes what they did best in their past two albums and then some to create a more mature, wholly captivating and mystifying sound that is so inviting to your ears. Allure of the Fallen is comprised of six expansive and wondrous melodic death metal tracks that grip you right from the very beginning only to take you on a journey through their brand of twisting melodic death metal.

Each track that Allure of the Fallen harbors certainly are long, but never are they cumbersome or tiring at all. Even though each track reaches over the seven, five and nine minute marks, they never seem to wear you down or tire you out what so ever. In fact you will find yourself reaching for the play button over and over again once you have completed each listen. Allure of the Fallen has a run time of about forty-six minutes and for each minute you are compelled by this record and stuck to your speakers until it is over. There isn’t a track on this release that would warrant you to skip it and there isn’t a track on this record that doesn’t seem to fit properly among the rest either. Each of the six tracks on this release are solid and expertly crafted to provide you with a great overall listen.

With influences of doom and black metal seeping their way into the fray of death as well, you are provided with a unique and even more varied sound. Neither genre is as prominent as melodic death metal is of course, but both of the aforementioned genres certainly can be heard in all six tracks. These genres and their influences add more variety and content into this already content packed album. From the occasional black metal style shrieks to the dirges of somber doom sprinkled throughout, Allure of the Fallen takes on an even more cohesive and full bodied listen for you to enjoy and to soak up.

Throughout this release you are treated to tight musicianship as well as great vocals that are only to be supplemented by solid production ultimately gifting you with one hell of a record. As mentioned above, Allure of the Fallen does a great job of captivating you and having you stay all throughout never making you feel as though you want a break from the action. Each track is tightly knit and well executed and even though the run times are longer, it really never feels as though they are. As a whole, Allure of the Fallen is an excellent album, one that is not to be missed at all, and one that certainly will be a highlight record of 2017.

Allure of the Fallen will be released September 29, 2017 through Shadow Kingdom Records.

Check out the title track below!

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