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Oraculum: Always Higher

August 6, 2017

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Completely cloaked in the stench of death and utterly drenched in the blood of their enemies is Oraculum who hail from Chile and play a gut ripping brand of death metal. Always Higher is the title of their newest release and this new trek through death offers up four tracks of gritty and foul death metal. From the intro Exeunt on you are pummeled and buried under mountains of the diseased and deceased until you become just another thrown on top of said pile.

As mentioned, Always Higher houses four tracks including the grim intro and within these four tracks you are treated to nothing but pure death and nothing but. After Exeunt is over, the barbaric Lex Talionis begins and within seconds you become ensnared in Oraculum’s potent vortex of death. From Lex Talionis on you become subjugated to quite the inhumane beating as Oraculum hack and slash away at you leaving you fleshless. Each track on this release is blistering and leaves you with plenty of whiplash and bruising.

Always Higher as a whole is a barbarous and grime filled record that doesn’t let up and doesn’t let it’s boot off of your throat until it has finally concluded. This release grabs you from the start never to let you go until you have been thoroughly beaten. After Exeunt on this release rumbles on like a blood crazed maniac looking for its next victim. Once Always Higher gets rolling it is hard to stop and in fact it doesn’t stop as it seems to be able to steamroll anyone and everything that gets in its scorched path.

With menacing riffs that are backed by chest caving drumming as well as monstrous growls, Always Higher presents you with a murky and grime filled sound. Always Higher is a raw and unforgiving four tracks that gets you to headbang from the very first tepid whiff of death on. Not only that, but with three tracks that reach over four, five and nine minutes you are provided with plenty of stagnant death to enjoy over and over again. Always Higher is a great follow up to Oraculum’s 2014 EP Sorcery of the Damned and from here on out it will great to see what they bring next in terms of a full length. But for now, Always Higher is a great neck breaking EP.

Check out the track Lex Talionis from Always Higher below!

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