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Lucifer’s Chalice: The Pact

August 7, 2017


Categorizing themselves as “sinister heavy metal darkness” is Lucifer’s Chalice, and they certainly live up to the title that they have given themselves. The Pact is their debut full length as it harbors four mysterious tracks that run about forty minutes in total. This release has an old-school feel to it and you can tell that these heathens worship the metal forefathers before them. Each of the four tracks on this release are of course influenced by traditional heavy metal but there are doom elements sprinkled all throughout as well providing you with an even more sinister and lurking evil sound.

Lucifer’s Chalice certainly does not waste either their time or yours as they get right into the thick of things with Hung At The Crossroads. This track begins with a little solo at the very beginning, but around the fifty second mark it begins to pick up and you are treated to a full fledged rocking tune that gets your head nodding whether you wanted it to or not. Throughout this ten minute track as well as the other three that follow after, you are provided with nothing but malicious rocking tunes with doom elements that are mixed in for good measure. The combination of doom and heavy metal within this record is a solid combination and Lucifer’s Chalice mixes both together very well to create a cohesive and evil sound overall.

This brew of witchcraft and wizardry is crafted very well, and each track is very solid and memorable. Throughout this release Lucifer’s Chalice greet you with indelible riffs that are supplemented by soaring solos, pounding drumming and rumbling bass lines. Making their way to the forefront of the buzzing wall of metal and doom are the clean vocals that are strong and well sung. With a solid production on top of everything, you are treated to a great listen that you ultimately have a hard time pulling yourself away from.

The Pact as a whole is a great listen and with a run time that sits around forty minutes it never feels like it is asking too much to listen over and over again. And even though each track holds substantial run times they don’t seem to drain you or tire you of the record as a whole either. Overall, The Pact is a well put together and well crafted record that will surely bode well with doom fiends and heavy metal merchants alike.

The Pact will be released September 29, 2017 through Shadow Kingdom Records.

Check out the song Hung At The Crossroads from this upcoming release below!

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