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Bloodrainbow: Upheaval

August 10, 2017

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Since their formation in 2002, Bloodrainbow kept busy with a demo and EP released in the same year in 2003, only to release their debut full length one year later. 2005 saw the coming of their sophomore full length titled Smelteries of Damnation, and after some dormant years these death dealers are back this year with Upheaval. With Upheaval, Bloodrainbow stick with their death metal roots but add some twists in the form of non traditional death metal instruments. Bloodrainbow mix in a saxophone as well as a trombone this time around to create a diverse, unique and interesting sound that grabs your attention from the very first note.

Each of the eight tracks that appear on this record including the intro are highly memorable as well as tracks that you don’t mind listening to over and over again. Upheaval as a whole is incredibly intoxicating and captivating as it seems to grab you right from the start keeping your attention all throughout. For the most part these tracks harbor pretty substantial run times, but even so that doesn’t seem to be a detractor from the record at all. Never once do any of the songs on this record feel labored or forced and never do they seem as though they are as lengthy as they are. Upheaval as whole is a seamless and easy record to listen to numerous times without even realizing it.

As mentioned above, Bloodrainbow uses non traditional death metal instruments as well all throughout Upheaval providing you with a varied and diverse sound. The saxophone and trombone pieces that are sprinkled all throughout this record are incorporated so well to the blasting and face melting death metal. Their addition to each track is seamless and they add an interesting and unique element to each song as well. Among all of the furious drumming and the wall of deadly riffs, you are provided at times with saxophone solos as well as some trombone pieces that work cohesively with all of the rumbling death metal that makes this record as well as your listen that much more memorable. The addition of these instruments is an interesting one, but one that works oh so well.

Upheaval as a whole is a unique record, one that still holds true to standard death metal while adding elements that might not seem like a great fit at first to create a wholly interesting sound. Each of the eight tracks are solid, well executed, produced and crafted to provide you with an overall great listen.



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