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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Worm: Evocation Of The Black Marsh

August 4, 2017

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Simply flying under the name Worm, this black metal band is the work of a mysterious person named Fantomslaughter. Up until this point this person has released two demos with Evocation Of The Black Marsh is his debut full length record that is filled with eight tracks of murky and utterly sinister blackened metal. As a whole, Evocation Of The Black Marsh is a damning, blown out piece of soul crushing music that will have you coming back for as much filth as you possibly can handle.

After the near two minute ominous intro Altar Of Black Sludge, Worm doesn’t wait around to throw you straight into the abyss with him. Evocation Of The Black Marsh heads straight into the thick of the swamp with Winged Beast Of The Phantom Crypt that begins as a slow dirge toward your death that quickly picks up the pace providing you with a dissonant and furious sound that snaps your neck. From this track on you are treated to more of the same soul darkening and light banishing sound. Worm does a great job of mixing the tempo up throughout each track providing you with different looks and plenty of variety all throughout the entire record. More often than not you are treated to both; the trudging slower tempo as well as the skull blasting tempo that provides you with your fair share of whiplash.

With blown out riffs, hammering drums and howling vocals you are presented with one hellish and earth scorching record. This unsettling record holds you captive for forty plus minutes bombarding you with demonic and putrid tunes until you can see the light fading never to return. This foul eight track blackened abyss is something to behold as it provides you with nothing but some insane black metal for you to lose your life to.

Evocation Of The Black Marsh is a completely raw and unfiltered record that gifts you with a sound that sounds as though this record is buried in a crypt itself. Evocation Of The Black Marsh is a filthy and grime filled record brought to you by the harsh production. Worm follows in the footsteps of the black metal forefathers that came before, but only to a fault as this sound is his own. Along with the raw and unkempt production comes an atmosphere that hangs over you like poison fog, and not only that but this atmosphere is disconcerting and ominous.

Overall, Evocation Of The Black Marsh is a great black metal record. Evocation Of The Black Marsh has what you want there to be in a black metal record as it provides you with a raw and punishing sound as well as sinister atmosphere and most importantly killer songs.

Check out the title track below!

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Evocation Of The Black Marsh will be released September 29, 2017 through Iron Bonehead.

Sinister Haze: Emperor of Dreams

August 2, 2017


Storming out of your speakers in a haze of smoke and colorful mushrooms is Sinister Haze and their newest EP titled Emperor of Dreams. This brand new concoction of tunes is formed by seven total tracks that are pumped full of nothing but psychedelic rock for you to escape into and let your mind wander to as well. There is no mistaking this sound once you press play as you become enveloped in thick smoke and fuzz filled riffs that take your mind on a colorful and eye opening journey through only you know what.

Sinister Haze begins this new EP with Tharsis Command, a near two minute intro that gives you just a little taste of what is to come. This psychedelic intro bleeds straight into the next track “Emperor of Dreams” that begins with a thick smoke filled bass line until the soothing and groove filled riffs kick in. Once Tharsis Command is over and Emperor of Dreams begins you become wrapped up in the wondrous and vast soundscapes that Sinister Haze provides and you cannot escape until the entire EP is over. Minute by minute you can feel your mind drifting through vivid soundscape after vivid soundscape until you are completely lost within the music.

These psychedelic merchants do a great job of drawing you into their EP and keeping you listening all throughout. Each track is captivating, groove filled and just enjoyable to listen to. There isn’t a track on this release that you would wan to do without and there isn’t one that you would want to skip either, and you just can’t skip any even if you wanted to. Emperor of Dreams almost plays as one giant track instead of seven separate tracks as each tune seems to bleed right into the next providing you with a striking and mind warping listen.

With fuzzed out riffs, dissonant clean vocals and rumbling bass lines, Sinister Haze gifts you with a rocking and groove filled listen that is undeniable. While your mind is traveling through space you can feel your head nodding to each and every track not wanting the trip to end at all. Emperor of Dreams is an overall smooth and interesting listen that makes you want to sit and keep listening as long as you can, and sooner rather than later you feel yourself getting lost in the midst of all of the haze.

In between the rocking and head nodding tunes are little interludes that are complete with strange yet mystifying sounds that not only draw you further in to the EP but they also bridge the gaps between each of the full on rocking tunes, and these interludes bleed straight in to those tracks and sometimes even further. These interludes and their odd sounds can be heard occasionally through the tracks that follow just adding another atmospheric and hypnotic element.

Emperor of Dreams is a well put together and executed release. This EP is a cohesive one that makes you feel as though you are in one of the most soothing trips of your life. This is a release that you can sit and zone out to for hours and never get bored of. Emperor of Dreams is highly enjoyable and highly hypnotic, and this EP certainly shouldn’t be one to miss if you are a fan of psychedelic rock.

Emperor of Dreams  will be out August 2, through Graven Earth Records.


Resurgence: Besieged

August 1, 2017

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British Colombia’s Resurgence was originally formed in 2007, but up until now they seem to have laid dormant up until just now with their debut full length Besieged. What it was that they have been up to since 2007 up until now I do not know, but that certainly does not matter as they deliver a beast of a full length with this new record of theirs. Besieged is an eight track sensory assault of nothing but pure and unrelenting death metal that will carve you up and feed you to the rabid wolves without so much of a thought.

Resurgence doesn’t seem to fit entirely in to any sub-genre of death metal, not technical death metal, old-school death or anything of the like. Instead, their heavy slaughtering sound seems to be one all their own, and man do they own it. Besieged is one hell of a powerful and monstrous record that grabs you by the throat only to shake you violently and lay you to rest in a dark and shallow grave. Each track not only is soaked in blood, but blood thirsty as well, and right after you press play all eight tracks barrel forth aiming for nothing but your throat. Besieged is brutal, raw, unrelenting and completely unapologetic in approach as it provides you with eight more than solid tracks that do nothing but devastate and cull the weak.

Each track is an all out assault and slaughtering as Resurgence gives you absolutely no time to react. Once Besieged begins you become pelted by nothing but incredibly twisted and malicious death that seems to want nothing more than to see your life leaving your body. With technical and razor sharp riffs come pulverizing and decimating drums that are only backed by hellish guttural vocals that would tear the throat out of just about anyone, you are treated to some thing barbaric and devastating. Everything on this record from the instrumentation to the production and beyond is executed very well providing you with a flesh cleaving and blood draining listen that leaves you feeling beaten to shit.

Besieged is a murderous and blood thirsty record that gifts to you eight deadly and life stealing tracks for your neck to twist and break to. This debut record is well put together and crafted and for a debut full length it is more than impressive. This chaotic brand of death is something to behold and something for death metal fans to really keep their eyes peeled for as this is not a record that you would wish to miss.

Besieged will be out August 1, 2017.

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