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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Eternal Black: Bleed the Days

September 28, 2017


With an exceedingly gritty, murky and dark sound, Eternal Black present their newest effort Bleed the Days. Within this new venture in to darkness, Bleed the Days presents you with seven total tracks of abyssal darkness and destruction. Not often does a record get darker and darker as it trudges along. Typically an album seems to be as dark as it can get right off the bat, but Bleed the Days is different. With this release, it seems to get even more devoid of light the further that you listen on.

Taking cues and influences from their great doom forefathers, Eternal Black give their sound their own modern doom twist to create a unique, wholly crushing and ultimately heavy listen. Much of the record is played mid to down tempo, but even when Eternal Black picks the pace up a little bit they never lose their murky and abyssal edge. Throughout each track you are sure to be subject to dark, twisting tunes that just don’t stop bleeding your innocence dry and on top of that they continue to suck the light out of the room until your listen has finished.

Bleed the Days is a menacing and towering record that pummels you with fuzz lined riffs that have just a hint of destruction in them. On top of the wall crumbling riffs are the buzzing and equally murky bass lines that are only to be coupled with pounding drumming and gritty clean sung vocals that compliment the ever gritty and rough sound that leaks from your speakers. Once you begin listening Bleed the Days as a whole comes pouring out of your speakers in a dark and heavy sludge. The more that you listen the more heavier that you yourself feel, and the more that you listen, you can feel yourself being subdued by the overwhelming weight of this record as a whole.

From beginning to end, Eternal Black provides you with nothing but venomous doom that seeps in to your very veins. Bleed the Days doesn’t let up or even seem like they ever wanted to. Even when their interlude of sorts titled Into Nothing plays, you still feel as though you are trapped in a bleak tunnel of oozing darkness.

Bleed the Days is an unforgiving, weighty record that is incredibly enjoyable to listen to. If you are a fan of doom metal, there is no reason to skip out on picking this record up. For seven straight tracks you are presented with great doom that will be sure to bury you under seas of never ending darkness, and there isn’t much more that you could want.

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Theoptia: Horeb

September 25, 2017


In a very saturated genre that is death metal, bands have been coming up with unique ways to stand out from the crowd and provide a sound that hopefully hasn’t been heard before, and that is where progressive death metal comes in. Combined with unique elements, bands have found ways to provide their listeners with something different and unique while still holding their death metal edge. Newcomer Theoptia falls under the progressive death metal umbrella and with their newest full length Horeb on the horizon, Theoptia provides you with some solid progressive death.

Beginning their record with Desert, Theoptia opens with a short acoustic intro that quickly dissolves to make way for head bang worthy death metal. Not only in Desert, but throughout this entire release, Theoptia does a good job of balancing their progressive elements as well as their death metal influences. Not one takes precedence over the other as both elements are combined in cohesion to create a sound that you would come to expect from a progressive death band.

With short intros added to the beginning of most tracks, atmospheric elements incorporated in the middle of certain tracks, acoustic elements woven in sporadically as well as spoken word moments mixed in, Theoptia does a great job of providing you with unique and varied sounds. There isn’t one song that sounds like another on this record as Theoptia provides you with plenty of variation all throughout Horeb. If you feel as though any song is headed in a certain direction, Theoptia changes course to gift you with something different without lurching or making it feel forced.

From top to bottom, from the riffs to the drumming to the vocals and beyond, Horeb is a solid release. There aren’t any dull moments within this record and the only break in action that you get is an interlude that is sewn in half way through your listen. While Horeb isn’t a ground breaking or entirely innovative release in the realm of progressive death metal, it certainly is a solid one. Horeb is an entertaining release that you can sit and head bang to for quite some time without wanting to stop.

As mentioned, Horeb is a solid release from top to bottom that provides you with plenty of diverse material, entertainment and of course head banging tunes for you to get in to.

Horeb will be released October 21, 2017.

Check out the lyric video for The Only Survivor below!

Suicidal Causticity: The Human Touch

September 25, 2017


With their newest full length coming four years after their debut full length, Suicidal Causticity doesn’t sit and wait around to get you acquainted with their newest offering of slaughter. The Human Touch is a blasphemous nine tracks long that provide you with nothing other than life threatening death metal. Right out of the gate, Suicidal Causticity hits you with blasting drums and monstrous growls and for the remainder of the record that is what you can come to expect. From their opening track Diamond Grinder Spring on, you are presented with nihilistic and blood thirsty death metal.

The Human Touch just keeps on rolling one track right after another without any break in between for you to catch your breath and rest your neck. There aren’t any interludes and there certainly aren’t any breaks in the blood soaked action within each track either. Not unless you count the little atmospheric break you get within the opening track. Other than that, you are pelted from beginning to end with scalding metal that melts the flesh straight off of your face.

This record is just pure death metal, nothing but. The Human Touch hacks and slashes its way through your skull with each passing second as it supplies you with blood drunk riffs, blasting drumming and gritty unearthly growls. “The Human Touch” is a sonic wall of malevolent death that comes charging at you right from the very second that you end up pressing play. This record is a relentless force that doesn’t seem mind culling anything that gets in its way.

The Human Touch is a solid death metal record. There isn’t much on this release that blazes new paths, but it doesn’t have to. This is just pure death, nothing more and nothing less. The Human Touch is a barrage of blood soaked and rotted flesh for forty-three minutes straight. Through those forty-three minutes you find yourself head banging in pure fervor. This release does a great job of gripping you by the throat, keeping your attention, and crushing it until you are done listening.

From beginning to end, The Human Touch is a good release. You are provided with nine straight tracks of no bullshit pure death bulldozing death metal. The Human Touch is an enjoyable record that is ultimately heavy, punishing, damning and downright slaughtering.

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Innervacuum: Inertia

September 23, 2017

Right off the bat you can tell that Innervacuum is a positive band as they start off their newest EP Inertia with a track titled Yesterday Was The Right Day To Commit Suicide. All tongue-in-cheek commentary aside, Yesterday Was The Right Day To Commit Suicide starts off with just a strumming of a drum and some reverberation before the drums and bass begins to kick in. The track builds and builds beyond the two minute mark before Innervacuum decides it is finally dive straight in to heavy mathcore and experimental metal central. Yesterday Was The Right Day To Commit Suicide is an eight minute long track of spastic riffs, chaotic drumming and thick bass lines and with all of that combined, you are gifted with dense sound that hits you like a truck.

All throughout Inertia, Innervacuum provides you with much more of the same. Through the following two tracks you are greeted by schizophrenic tempos, riffs and acrobatic drumming that just don’t seem to want to stop pummeling you in to submission. The more that you listen the more that your head will spin keeping up with all of the tempo changes. Through the wall of pure carnage and destruction though, Innervacuum knows how to slow it down as well occasionally to provide you with a somewhat atmospheric sound before blasting your skull open once again.

Much like the way that mathcore is supposed to be played, Inertia as a whole is all over the place, in a good way of course. Innervacuum does a good job of keeping you guessing as to what they are about to do next. Each track is a contorted mass of metal that is  played with precision and the outcome is a good one. Inertia as a whole is a solid release even for being as short as it is. Through three tracks, Innervacuum provide you with some solid metal for you to really twist your neck to.

If you are a mathcore or experimental metal fan, Inertia is right up your alley and may not leave your rotation of albums for a while.

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Osi And The Jupiter: Uthuling Hyl

September 22, 2017

Folk music definitely isn’t something that is new to heavy metal as it is incorporated in many different ways in black metal especially. Osi And The Jupiter do something a little different however as they provide you with more folk music than they do metal, and that certainly is not a bad thing. Through Uthuling Hyl you are greeted at every turn by folk instruments and chanted vocals when certain songs call for it, but never are you greeted with a sonic face melting sound. Uthuling Hyl is an atmospheric and enveloping listen, one that takes you through journeys through dense forests and tells tales of paganism among many other things.

Through nine tracks, Osi And The Jupiter provide you with wondrous sounds that soon wrap themselves around you and include you in the story/stories that are being told. Each track is just as atmospheric and alive as the ones that came before it, and even though there aren’t any sections that blast your skin straight off of your body, Uthuling Hyl is heavy in atmosphere. Through each track you become enveloped in a dense and wondrous atmosphere that you end up having a hard time to stop listening to.

Each track is filled with booming drums that are backed by hypnotic and heavy strumming of a (I’m guessing here) cello as well as haunting female and male vocals, all the while, atmospheric ambient music plays in the background. Everything comes together so seamlessly and effortlessly to provide you with a magical, hypnotic and ethereal listen that you aren’t soon to forget. Uthuling Hyl is a beautifully crafted record that is so well executed and the longer that you listen, the further and further it is that your mind drifts away from you and in to the aforementioned dense fog filled forest.

This music is emotional, heavy in its own right, mystical, magical, beautiful and so many more descriptors. Uthuling Hyl is folk music done just right, and man, is it done right. Each track is wonderfully woven and performed and the album as a whole is simply a great listen, no question about it. Truly enchanting.

Graven Earth Records will be releasing the cassette version of this record in October!

Maglor: Asunder

September 21, 2017

It has been five long (or short depending on how you look at it) years since the release of Call of the Forest, but now in 2017 Maglor released their sophomore full length titled Asunder. Much like their first record, Maglor pump this release full of atmosphere, melancholy and vast soundscapes. Through this release you will feel your mind escape and wander through thick snow covered forests, dense fog and much more. Maglor does a great job of captivating you and grabbing your attention only to keep it all throughout. There isn’t a moment within this record where you would even consider hitting the skip button just to get to the next track. Once you begin listening you are in for the entire ride until the album has concluded.

Each track plays well with the others creating an overall cohesive sound. Instead of Asunder sounding like four completely different tracks, this release sounds like one story being told from beginning to end, and Maglor does that very effortlessly. Maglor certainly doesn’t force anything on this record and there isn’t anything on this release that doesn’t seem to belong. Asunder is a seamless, flowing and memorable release that is sure to stick with you long after you have stopped listening.

From track to track you are greeted with wondrous and mystifying folk sounds that only compliment the black metal elements perfectly to create an overall wondrous, cold, melancholic and powerful sound. The folk elements that are combined with the black metal only propel the record and the story that is being told further and further. The mixture of both black metal and folk is seamless and they are expertly woven together to create a harmonious and atmospheric sound that envelopes you right from the get go.

Frigid riffs flow through each second of this record as synthesizers bring forth the cold and wondrous atmospheres all while raw vocals can be heard pouring through the wall of atmospheric blackened metal. Each component within this record works so well with one another and none of the many elements combat each other or take precedence over one another. Instead, they work in harmony to provide you with a great overall sound and more importantly a great overall record.

Even though it has been five years since Maglor has released an album, it doesn’t seem as though they forgot how to create great music. Asunder is a solid piece of atmospheric black metal that grabs your attention and takes you through an icy journey from which you don’t want to return. Each track is well laid out, executed and produced gifting the listener with a great musical experience.

Asunder is already out, but Graven Earth Records will be releasing it on cassette in October!

Cardinals Folly: Deranged Pagan Sons

September 18, 2017


Masters of the occult and pagan rituals is Cardinals Folly and not too long ago these blasphemers released Deranged Pagan Sons. Inspired by traditional doom and heavy metal, Cardinals Folly take that traditional sound and make it their own. Within this eight track release you are sure to find the mystifying, sinister and occult like doom to satisfy your doom metal needs. Through eight songs comes forty-eight minutes of groove filled head banging doom that is wholly undeniable and incredibly memorable.

Deranged Pagan Sons is a record that you don’t mind keeping on repeat and eventually wearing out as the entire record is incredibly solid. There isn’t a weak track on this release as each of the eight songs that are present are great. Throughout this release you don’t get any filler or anything that is completely unnecessary, but what you do get out of this release is well executed doom metal.

Through telling odd tales that are twisted within occult and pagan imagery, Cardinals Folly provides you with sinister and twisting doom metal that is not too easily forgotten. Looking at these tracks at face value, they of course are shrouded in darkness and luciferian mysticism, but the way in which each track is played amplifies each of those components even more. Each track trudges along in a way that makes it seem as though Cardinals Folly has taken you by the hand and is guiding you down the path of spiraling darkness and occultism.

Deranged Pagan Sons is a blasphemous effort that envelopes you in darkness from the get go never to let you see the light of day again, and really you never have an issue with that. Once you begin listening it really is hard to control how much it is that you listen to this record. As soon as you press play, it seems as though Cardinals Folly casts a spell over you, making you entranced and overall mystified. From track to track you are provided with nothing but some of the most solid doom to seep through your speakers.

From the groove laden guitar work to the powerful clean vocals and everything in between, Cardinals Folly presents you with a well executed record that is sure to be in your constant rotation of albums. Deranged Pagan Sons is a great release especially if you are a fan of doom metal, and if you are, you really cannot go wrong here. Deranged Pagan Sons is a never ending descent in to the esoteric world of the occult, and more important than that, this release shovels great doom metal upon you in heaps.

Deranged Pagan Sons is out now!

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