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Eye Sea Black: Stigma

September 10, 2017

Emitting plenty of grit and anger is Udine, Italy based band Eye Sea Black. Stigma is the title of their debut EP and it provides you with five face shredding and melting tracks for you contort your neck to. This is a strong debut for this three piece as each of the five tracks that appear on this release are strong, heavy and head bang worthy of course. Right out of the gate, Eye Sea Black is aggressive and bombastic as they blast you with their opener No I In Faith. After a brief intro brought to you by reverberating guitars, Eye Sea Black gets right in to the thick of things as they blast away at around the one minute mark. After they begin they don’t stop or slow down even for a second as they provide you with ripping and gut punching track after track.

Each track on this release is a skull smashing effort that doesn’t seem to know when to quit, and will only quit until your skull is permanently caved in. Each of the five tracks on this release are filled with a combination of hardcore and death metal which ultimately provides you with a pissed off and purely aggressive sound. After that one minute intro into No I In Faith, Eye Sea Black blasts forth never to look back at the waste that they lay behind them.

With sharp and blasting drumming that is coupled with roaring bass lines and anvil heavy riffs, Eye Sea Black provides you with a devastating and memorable listen. On top of the acute musicianship are the vocals which are the heart and soul of the pure unfiltered aggression and pissed off nature of Stigma. These vocals are monstrous and throat ripping and I have to imagine that the vocalist had to have passed out after recording them. Each aspect of this release is executed well and each track on this release is so solid and well put together that it creates an entertaining listen.

Not only is the musicianship on point and not only are the vocals great, but Eye Sea Black does a great job of transitioning between their brand of pummeling death metal and their aggressive hate filled hardcore elements. With these two genres combined and sewed together seamlessly, you are provided with an explosive and shredding listen where you just don’t have a choice but to head bang and twist your neck for yourself, otherwise it will be done for you.

Overall, this is one solid debut for these heathens. Each track is solid, hard hitting and memorable. If this is what Eye Sea Black has to offer now in an EP, it will  be great to see what they have to offer in a full length. But for now, this is a great stepping stone and a great step in the right direction.

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