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Bloodstrike: Execution of Violence

September 15, 2017

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In 2015 came In Death We Rot, and now in 2017 comes Execution of Violence from Denver death merchants Bloodstrike. In Death We Rot was a bulldozer of death, culling the weak and stacking bodies inside of basements and Execution of Violence is much the same. Bloodstrike’s old-school death approach is still prominent within this new release, but that is only in approach. Never does Bloodstrike sound exactly like their death metal forefathers as they mix in a little bit of modern death metal to create a devastating, fetid and foul sound that is sure to wake the dead.

Through the ten tracks on this release you are presented with tightly knit grave digging death metal to completely consume you and send you packing to an early and horrific grave. With sledgehammer like drumming and flesh tearing riffs, Bloodstrike does a great job of coming for your life almost immediately. You do have to wait a little bit for their barbaric onslaught however as the opening track Procreating for Death begins with an ominous and haunting intro before pummeling your brains into a chunky liquid.

Once the very brief intro concludes, Bloodstrike moves on in their quest for gore. Each track on this record is completely filthy and packed with as many cadavers and stagnant blood as possible. The overall sound of Execution of Violence is that of a march toward your own death, one that you cannot stop or control. Once Bloodstrike begins, they barrel toward you with full force never intending to stop until you have been completely eviscerated and expunged from this earth.

Execution of Violence is a gruesome record, one that fills your head with imagery of strewn eviscerated bodies, hell, rotted and bloated corpses and more filth for you to revel in and think about. The grotesque lyrics certainly fit the tone and the overall sound of Bloodstrike as each component is nauseating, compelling and this record is truly worth more than just a couple of listens.

This is a great follow up to their 2015 release In Death We Rot, and it is nice to see that they have kept their same sound and made it even better. Not only that, but it is nice to see that they certainly didn’t let up on the gruesome and rotten imagery that they force feed in to your head. Execution of Violence is a great death metal record. There isn’t anything that is over done here and there certainly isn’t anything that has to be either. The execution is great, the raw production is spot on, and this record as a whole is genuinely a devastating outing.

Execution of Violence will be out through Redefining Darkness October 13, 2017

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