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Ancst/King Apathy Split

September 16, 2017


While pairing both melodic black metal with hardcore elements, Ancst never takes precedence over one or the other. In fact, they sew the two genres together well and seemingly effortlessly to create a melodic and captivating sound as well as a sound that does its best to pummel you straight in to the ground. Through their two tracks on this split with King Apathy, Ancst show their ability to transition between black metal and hardcore seamlessly as well as combine the likes of the two genres to create a wholly different and accosting sound. Ancst begin their side of the split with Gehenna of Fire, which begins with almost mesmerizing sounds that fade away around the three minute mark. Once the guitars, drums and vocals finally kick in, you are greeted by a slow burning atmospheric sound that ultimately gives way to their blasting and purely punishing style of hardcore. On their second track King Apathy, you hear more of a mixture of the two genres that come together nicely to create both a head stomping tune as well as a memorable and melodic one. King Apathy is more of an uptempo track that supplies you with plenty of moments to lose your head and damage your brain to. As mentioned before, Ancst does a great job of mixing both hardcore elements as well as black metal elements together and they show that off through both tracks. Both of their tracks are solid and well put together providing you with an ultimately memorable and entertaining listen.

The second half of this split belongs to King Apathy of course. These gents mix several different genres in to their sound including: black metal, hardcore, post black metal and more, and just like Ancst they do a great job of combining all of these genres and more to create a cohesive and well put together sound. King Apathy doesn’t wait around too long to get you acquainted with their music either as their opener Disguise begins immediately greeting you with gravel filled screams and a melodic guitar that gives the track some melancholic overtones. Disguise paces back and forth between mid tempo and uptempo but certainly doesn’t do so frantically and only does so when needed. This track is a great well paced opener for what is left to come. The final track-for both King Apathy and the split in general-is titled Entropie. Entropie begins immediately as well providing you with a more blasting uptempo style than that of Disguise. This track offers up pummeling drums, great guitar work and vicious vocals for you to soak up and head bang to until your brain says it has had enough. Even though this certainly is a quicker track than Disguise, Entropie slows down more than half way through providing you with a melodic and serene interlude of sorts before picking right back up where it left off. Entropie is a solid closing track to this split and showcases all that King Apathy has to offer.

Both bands on this split do a great job of not sticking to one particular genre for too long and on top of that they do a great job of mixing different genres together to create a cohesive sound. Both sides of the split are solid and well worth listening to, and since this split is on the shorter side, you don’t have a problem with pressing play over and over again. Overall, this split is a good one that showcases two interesting bands that have a knack for supplying both melody and head stomping tunes all in one.

This split will be released September 22, 2017 through Supreme Chaos Records.

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