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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Cardinals Folly: Deranged Pagan Sons

September 18, 2017


Masters of the occult and pagan rituals is Cardinals Folly and not too long ago these blasphemers released Deranged Pagan Sons. Inspired by traditional doom and heavy metal, Cardinals Folly take that traditional sound and make it their own. Within this eight track release you are sure to find the mystifying, sinister and occult like doom to satisfy your doom metal needs. Through eight songs comes forty-eight minutes of groove filled head banging doom that is wholly undeniable and incredibly memorable.

Deranged Pagan Sons is a record that you don’t mind keeping on repeat and eventually wearing out as the entire record is incredibly solid. There isn’t a weak track on this release as each of the eight songs that are present are great. Throughout this release you don’t get any filler or anything that is completely unnecessary, but what you do get out of this release is well executed doom metal.

Through telling odd tales that are twisted within occult and pagan imagery, Cardinals Folly provides you with sinister and twisting doom metal that is not too easily forgotten. Looking at these tracks at face value, they of course are shrouded in darkness and luciferian mysticism, but the way in which each track is played amplifies each of those components even more. Each track trudges along in a way that makes it seem as though Cardinals Folly has taken you by the hand and is guiding you down the path of spiraling darkness and occultism.

Deranged Pagan Sons is a blasphemous effort that envelopes you in darkness from the get go never to let you see the light of day again, and really you never have an issue with that. Once you begin listening it really is hard to control how much it is that you listen to this record. As soon as you press play, it seems as though Cardinals Folly casts a spell over you, making you entranced and overall mystified. From track to track you are provided with nothing but some of the most solid doom to seep through your speakers.

From the groove laden guitar work to the powerful clean vocals and everything in between, Cardinals Folly presents you with a well executed record that is sure to be in your constant rotation of albums. Deranged Pagan Sons is a great release especially if you are a fan of doom metal, and if you are, you really cannot go wrong here. Deranged Pagan Sons is a never ending descent in to the esoteric world of the occult, and more important than that, this release shovels great doom metal upon you in heaps.

Deranged Pagan Sons is out now!

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