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Maglor: Asunder

September 21, 2017

It has been five long (or short depending on how you look at it) years since the release of Call of the Forest, but now in 2017 Maglor released their sophomore full length titled Asunder. Much like their first record, Maglor pump this release full of atmosphere, melancholy and vast soundscapes. Through this release you will feel your mind escape and wander through thick snow covered forests, dense fog and much more. Maglor does a great job of captivating you and grabbing your attention only to keep it all throughout. There isn’t a moment within this record where you would even consider hitting the skip button just to get to the next track. Once you begin listening you are in for the entire ride until the album has concluded.

Each track plays well with the others creating an overall cohesive sound. Instead of Asunder sounding like four completely different tracks, this release sounds like one story being told from beginning to end, and Maglor does that very effortlessly. Maglor certainly doesn’t force anything on this record and there isn’t anything on this release that doesn’t seem to belong. Asunder is a seamless, flowing and memorable release that is sure to stick with you long after you have stopped listening.

From track to track you are greeted with wondrous and mystifying folk sounds that only compliment the black metal elements perfectly to create an overall wondrous, cold, melancholic and powerful sound. The folk elements that are combined with the black metal only propel the record and the story that is being told further and further. The mixture of both black metal and folk is seamless and they are expertly woven together to create a harmonious and atmospheric sound that envelopes you right from the get go.

Frigid riffs flow through each second of this record as synthesizers bring forth the cold and wondrous atmospheres all while raw vocals can be heard pouring through the wall of atmospheric blackened metal. Each component within this record works so well with one another and none of the many elements combat each other or take precedence over one another. Instead, they work in harmony to provide you with a great overall sound and more importantly a great overall record.

Even though it has been five years since Maglor has released an album, it doesn’t seem as though they forgot how to create great music. Asunder is a solid piece of atmospheric black metal that grabs your attention and takes you through an icy journey from which you don’t want to return. Each track is well laid out, executed and produced gifting the listener with a great musical experience.

Asunder is already out, but Graven Earth Records will be releasing it on cassette in October!

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