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Osi And The Jupiter: Uthuling Hyl

September 22, 2017

Folk music definitely isn’t something that is new to heavy metal as it is incorporated in many different ways in black metal especially. Osi And The Jupiter do something a little different however as they provide you with more folk music than they do metal, and that certainly is not a bad thing. Through Uthuling Hyl you are greeted at every turn by folk instruments and chanted vocals when certain songs call for it, but never are you greeted with a sonic face melting sound. Uthuling Hyl is an atmospheric and enveloping listen, one that takes you through journeys through dense forests and tells tales of paganism among many other things.

Through nine tracks, Osi And The Jupiter provide you with wondrous sounds that soon wrap themselves around you and include you in the story/stories that are being told. Each track is just as atmospheric and alive as the ones that came before it, and even though there aren’t any sections that blast your skin straight off of your body, Uthuling Hyl is heavy in atmosphere. Through each track you become enveloped in a dense and wondrous atmosphere that you end up having a hard time to stop listening to.

Each track is filled with booming drums that are backed by hypnotic and heavy strumming of a (I’m guessing here) cello as well as haunting female and male vocals, all the while, atmospheric ambient music plays in the background. Everything comes together so seamlessly and effortlessly to provide you with a magical, hypnotic and ethereal listen that you aren’t soon to forget. Uthuling Hyl is a beautifully crafted record that is so well executed and the longer that you listen, the further and further it is that your mind drifts away from you and in to the aforementioned dense fog filled forest.

This music is emotional, heavy in its own right, mystical, magical, beautiful and so many more descriptors. Uthuling Hyl is folk music done just right, and man, is it done right. Each track is wonderfully woven and performed and the album as a whole is simply a great listen, no question about it. Truly enchanting.

Graven Earth Records will be releasing the cassette version of this record in October!

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