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Innervacuum: Inertia

September 23, 2017

Right off the bat you can tell that Innervacuum is a positive band as they start off their newest EP Inertia with a track titled Yesterday Was The Right Day To Commit Suicide. All tongue-in-cheek commentary aside, Yesterday Was The Right Day To Commit Suicide starts off with just a strumming of a drum and some reverberation before the drums and bass begins to kick in. The track builds and builds beyond the two minute mark before Innervacuum decides it is finally dive straight in to heavy mathcore and experimental metal central. Yesterday Was The Right Day To Commit Suicide is an eight minute long track of spastic riffs, chaotic drumming and thick bass lines and with all of that combined, you are gifted with dense sound that hits you like a truck.

All throughout Inertia, Innervacuum provides you with much more of the same. Through the following two tracks you are greeted by schizophrenic tempos, riffs and acrobatic drumming that just don’t seem to want to stop pummeling you in to submission. The more that you listen the more that your head will spin keeping up with all of the tempo changes. Through the wall of pure carnage and destruction though, Innervacuum knows how to slow it down as well occasionally to provide you with a somewhat atmospheric sound before blasting your skull open once again.

Much like the way that mathcore is supposed to be played, Inertia as a whole is all over the place, in a good way of course. Innervacuum does a good job of keeping you guessing as to what they are about to do next. Each track is a contorted mass of metal that is  played with precision and the outcome is a good one. Inertia as a whole is a solid release even for being as short as it is. Through three tracks, Innervacuum provide you with some solid metal for you to really twist your neck to.

If you are a mathcore or experimental metal fan, Inertia is right up your alley and may not leave your rotation of albums for a while.

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