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Theoptia: Horeb

September 25, 2017


In a very saturated genre that is death metal, bands have been coming up with unique ways to stand out from the crowd and provide a sound that hopefully hasn’t been heard before, and that is where progressive death metal comes in. Combined with unique elements, bands have found ways to provide their listeners with something different and unique while still holding their death metal edge. Newcomer Theoptia falls under the progressive death metal umbrella and with their newest full length Horeb on the horizon, Theoptia provides you with some solid progressive death.

Beginning their record with Desert, Theoptia opens with a short acoustic intro that quickly dissolves to make way for head bang worthy death metal. Not only in Desert, but throughout this entire release, Theoptia does a good job of balancing their progressive elements as well as their death metal influences. Not one takes precedence over the other as both elements are combined in cohesion to create a sound that you would come to expect from a progressive death band.

With short intros added to the beginning of most tracks, atmospheric elements incorporated in the middle of certain tracks, acoustic elements woven in sporadically as well as spoken word moments mixed in, Theoptia does a great job of providing you with unique and varied sounds. There isn’t one song that sounds like another on this record as Theoptia provides you with plenty of variation all throughout Horeb. If you feel as though any song is headed in a certain direction, Theoptia changes course to gift you with something different without lurching or making it feel forced.

From top to bottom, from the riffs to the drumming to the vocals and beyond, Horeb is a solid release. There aren’t any dull moments within this record and the only break in action that you get is an interlude that is sewn in half way through your listen. While Horeb isn’t a ground breaking or entirely innovative release in the realm of progressive death metal, it certainly is a solid one. Horeb is an entertaining release that you can sit and head bang to for quite some time without wanting to stop.

As mentioned, Horeb is a solid release from top to bottom that provides you with plenty of diverse material, entertainment and of course head banging tunes for you to get in to.

Horeb will be released October 21, 2017.

Check out the lyric video for The Only Survivor below!

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