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HELA: Death May Die

October 1, 2017


Death May Die comes four years after Hela’s introductory record Broken Cross, and after these four years, Hela delivers a stellar record. This brand new look inside their dark, melancholic and doom filled world provides you with six brand new songs to lose yourself in. This is a record that you can easily escape in to and listen to on repeat without really realizing it. Death May Die as a whole is incredibly hypnotic and with every passing second it draws you in more and more until you get lost among the ever quickening darkness. Death May Die is a very heavy record and even so it still is melodic and mesmerizing. Hela does a great job sewing in plenty of melody with their monstrous overall sound.

The Gateway is your first indication of what Death May Die will sound like. This opener is haunting as it is filled with ghostly whispers as well as an eerie atmosphere. The Gateway creeps along filled with the aforementioned ghostly whispers and sludge filled riffs until it fades out in to Mother of Monsters. This track really kicks off what you are about to hear for the rest of the record, and what you hear are more melancholic, dark, twisting and sinister tracks to satiate your doom needs.

Death May Die is an expansive record, and for a solid forty-three minutes you become entranced unable to pull yourself away from your speakers. As dark as this record can be it is also ethereal. Among the many moments that are bone crumbling heavy, there are moments all throughout that are peaceful and sublime in their own twisted way. Hela does a great job of mixing heavier tones with lighter ones to provide you with plenty of disparity among each track.

Through and through, this release is well performed. The instrumentation is right on point, the atmosphere is grim at times and serene at others. What really stands out to me however, are the vocals. The vocalist Mireia Porto is excellent on this record (as are her band mates of course). Her vocals are so clean, clear and powerful. Her cleans are hypnotic and completely enchanting and when needed her vocals are a more gritty and powerful scream. Through each track you become hooked on each word that she sings as her vocal performance is simply incredible.

As a whole, Death May Die is a fantastic record. Hela knows how to set a tone and stick to it, they provide you with great atmosphere, heavy, yet melodic and highly memorable music, and an overall clean and heavy hitting doom sound that is hard not to love. There is so much to enjoy about this release and that makes it worth listening to until your copy completely burns out. Hela has a near unbeatable sound and the more that you listen, well….the more that you want to continue listening. Exceptional record.

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