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Slowmesh: Something New

October 2, 2017

I’m sure that there have been plenty of puns based off of Slowmesh’s debut full length Something New, so I will refrain from doing so. However, Something New really is something new as it really is Slowmesh’s debut full length album. This release falls more under the rock category more than any other that you could think of. There are some grunge elements that are mixed in to create an even more gritty and-for lack of better words-dirty sound.

Something New presents eleven tracks that are all pretty much your straight forward rock tunes for the most part. Slowmesh starts their new record off quickly and on the right foot with Spinning Around. There isn’t an intro as Slowmesh immediately gets right in to the thick of record. After Spinning Around, you are provided with ten more tracks that are cut from the same cloth of course. Each of the ten tracks that appear after the opener are all rocking, grunge tinged tunes that get your head nodding from the get go.

Each of the eleven tracks on this release are solid, well performed and executed, very memorable and even catchy. Throughout this release you will find yourself singing along with the vocalist whether you intended to or not. The lyrics are cleanly sung and very clear to hear and that all is because of a great vocal performance overall. The vocals on this record are clean yet they have a certain bite and a certain amount of grit to them that really works well with the overall tone of the record.

Other than the vocals, Slowmesh provide you with heavy riffs that are coupled with a solid drum performance as well as some thick bass lines. The instrumentation on this release is good and tight and they even throw in some searing guitar solos for good measure as well. Something New is a clean and well put together release from front to back which ultimately provides the listener with an entertaining and memorable listen.

While Something New doesn’t necessarily break new ground with its sound, it does provide something that is new to the rock genre as well as the overall rock sound. For a debut full length, Something New is a solid release that will surely bode well in the eyes of rock and grunge fans alike.

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