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Primitive Man: Caustic

October 9, 2017

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Release after release, Primitive Man always seems to up the ante. Each release seems to be heavier, darker, much more grim in tone and down right nightmarish, and Caustic is no different. In a recent interview with Noisey, front man Ethan McCarthy stated, “I wanted to convey true horror”, and holy fuck he sure did. Caustic is a twelve track release that is a sheer wall of terrorizing noise that does nothing but crush you under its massive weight. From note one you quickly realize what you are in for, and what you are in for with this new record is misery, darkness and seething hatred and all of that and more pours through your speakers second after second.

There is no doubt that Caustic is a challenging beast of a record as it challenges the listener from the very first note to sit through the torment, and if you do, Caustic is a very rewarding listen. This is a massive record, and if you have the patience to sit through nearly eighty full minutes of nothing but ever growing hatred and pain, you realize that you have listened to one of the finer doom albums this year.

Even with its extensive run time you never feel as though you really are listening to eighty minutes of volatile hatred. Caustic does a great job of pulling you in and consuming all that you are for the entirety of its massive run time. This release is an intricate work of devilish art that gnashes at your flesh and tears away at your ear drums until the final gnarled note has been played. There is no denying that Caustic is a dark, grim and destructive record that levels just about everything that it comes across.

The overall sound of Caustic isn’t entirely different from Primitive Man’s previous releases, it just is a more refined and focused one. Everything that you have come to love and know from Primitive Man is all within this twelve track monster of a record. The grimy, sludge filled sound is there, the potent misery is there, the rapidly expanding darkness is all within this release for you to revel in. Scorn was a great record, but with Caustic, Primitive Man has out done themselves and created an album that you just do not want to stop listening to.

You expect nothing but the best horrifying doom noise from Primitive Man and they definitely deliver. Throughout this record you are greeted by long doom passages that dive deeper and deeper in to a never ending darkness. Caustic-in my opinion-is Primitive Man’s best work to date and certainly is an ambitious record as well. As a whole, it is terrifying, skin crawling, unsettling and incredibly fucking heavy. With Caustic, Primitive Man continues to impress and continues to deliver some of the most nasty, well done doom to hit anyone’s gnarled ears.

Caustic is out now through Relapse Records and can be found here: and here:

Check out the official video for Commerce below!

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