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Gloam: Death is the Beginning

October 16, 2017

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The newest effort Death is the Beginning from California natives Gloam begins with an appropriately titled intro called Anguish. Anguish is a three plus minute intro that may be just a little too long of an intro for some, but what it does is expertly set up the tone and the overall mood of the rest of the EP. Anguish at first seems to be a melancholic intro that begins with some picked notes that ultimately end up blending together with pounding drums and humming bass lines. The longer that you listen to Anguish you begin to realize that there is something much more sinister lurking within its sound and that Death is the Beginning is about to become much more murky and grim.

Once Anguish fades away you start off with …Of A Carrion Kind which completely submerges you in the dark and purely sinister world of Gloam. Gloam creates an ultimately deadly and poisonous sound by combining doom, black metal and even some thrash elements. They weave each genre together expertly creating a cohesive and grim sound that gets right under your skin. …Of A Carrion Kind leans more on Gloam’s black metal elements as this track provides you with seven minutes of terrorizing and blood lusting black metal. This song starts off nearly immediately providing you with pulsating drums and sharp buzzing riffs. After nearly a minute and a half raspy and hellish vocals force their way through the never ending storm of blackened noise. …Of A Carrion Kind is a blasting assault of a track that quickly engulfs you in hellish and pitch black flames.

The third and final track on this EP is the title track, and unlike …Of A Carrion Kind, this song is slower and more doom oriented. From the very beginning of the title track you are dragged through a murky and malevolent sound that crushes you under its sheer weight. As the title track trudges along you can feel yourself being bogged down and dragged down in to the gloomy abyss that Gloam has created. For more than half of the song you are provided with nothing but murky riffs and demonic vocals until Gloam changes pace in the blink of an eye only to present you with more chaotic and blasphemous black metal. Within the track Death is the Beginning, Gloam show that they can transition between black metal and doom seamlessly as well as combine the two expertly. Never does Gloam lurch from one to the other creating a cohesive and well constructed sound.

Death is the Beginning is only three tracks and nineteen minutes long, not a terribly long effort, but long enough to keep your sinister appetite subdued and just short enough to keep you listening over and over again. This is a well put together and performed release that gets you hooked right from the beginning.


Death is the Beginning is available now through Blood Harvest Records!

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