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Dead Woman’s Ditch: Seo Mere Saetan

October 18, 2017

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Cloaked in doom misery and shrouded in gnarled black metal undertones as well as a collection of various other genres is Dead Woman’s Ditch and their newest offering Seo Mere Saetan. This brand new release contains six brand new tracks that trudge along through lengthy run times providing you with grim, dark and mysterious tunes for you to get yourself wrapped up in. Dead Woman’s Ditch provides you with zero comfort as they get right in to the meat of their twisted sound immediately. Their opening salvo comes from The Ugly Truths which lurks and trudges along gifting you with nothing but dark and sinister tones setting the pace and the tone for the remaining five songs to follow.

The balance of black metal and doom within this record is great as Dead Woman’s Ditch provides you with both unique sounds from each genre throughout each track. While  the majority of Dead Woman’s Ditch’s sound can be heard through their doom and black metal influences, they also incorporate many more unique sounds and influences to create a unique and mysterious overall sound. Dead Woman’s Ditch does a great job of pulling you in nearly immediately with their contorted, varied, hard to completely pin point and grime filled sound.

Seo Mere Saetan certainly is a cold and grisly record that paints soundscapes of utter darkness and madness. The atmosphere that seeps through your speakers begins to encircle you and drag you further and further in to a fog filled horror. Each track is massively intense and demanding as they shovel so much at you all at one time, and even so each song is cohesive and incredibly well constructed. Seo Mere Saetan as a whole is just as melodic as it is striking and punishing as Dead Woman’s Ditch does an excellent job of balancing melody with malice.

From the massively sludge filled riffs that are paired with heavy drums, bone rattling bass lines and varied vocals that switch off between piercing screams to gravel filled yells, everything comes together very well through each track. Seo Mere Saetan as whole is a well performed record that horrifies and mystifies all while it takes you on a grim and dark journey through soundscapes that are entirely devoid of light and life.

This is an impressive debut release for Dead Woman’s Ditch. The entire record is well constructed and each element that these heathens have sewn in to this release work very well with each other to create a nice and horrific sound that you are bound to remember.

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