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Mandragora Malevola: Awakening the Impvre

October 27, 2017

Every now and then you get lucky and stumble upon an absolute gem, and that is exactly what we have here with Awakening the Impvre by Mandragora Malevola. Awakening the Impvre is a greatly captivating, heavy, atmospheric and immersive record that once you begin listening you have no other choice but to continue on listening until the end and then listening all over again. Right from the foreboding and atmospheric intro you become hooked and want to hear the entire record out. Immediately Mandragora Malevola grabs your unwavering attention and holds you as their audience for the entirety of the record.

The mixture of black and death metal on this record is clear. The combination of the two genres provides you with a maelstrom of blackened death that you don’t want to cower from but embrace. While there are parts of this record that are completely blasting and unrelenting, Mandragora Malevola balance that with plenty of melody as well providing you with a great ebb and flow of sounds and tempo changes. Never once does Mandragora Malevola lurch from their more blasting tempos to their slower more serene tempos as each track is crafted seamlessly and executed so well.

Every track on this release is so smooth and performed so well that when Mandragora Malevola does change tempo it doesn’t snap your spine in half. Instead they ease in to tempo changes providing you with a diverse listen that is never chaotic and is instead very smooth and easy to listen to. On top of all of the tempo changes, the blasting and the more melodic slower tempos is the atmosphere that Mandragora Malevola provides. The way in which these guys provide this ever shifting and swirling atmosphere is by incorporating keyboards and acoustic moments all throughout this release.

The atmosphere that Mandragora Malevola produces all throughout is incredibly hypnotic and captivating. Not only does the sharpened blackened death metal pull you in to this record, but the atmosphere does more so. Through track after track you become shrouded in a thick, mesmerizing atmosphere from which you cannot see your way out of. The interplay between the atmospheric qualities of each track and the harsh blasting of metallic fury works so well together. They feed off of each other so well only to provide you with an entirely cohesive and compelling listen that just makes you want to listen more and more.

Awakening the Impvre is a very well done record, and for it being the debut full length release it makes it just that much more impressive. This is a well crafted record from start to finish as it is a smooth release in which each of the eleven tracks flow well together, you are provided with plenty of harrowing atmosphere, well executed instrumentation and savage shrieking vocals to top everything off.  As mentioned above, this is a gem of a record, and it certainly should not be passed up on.

This record can be found right on the Throats Productions Bandcamp



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