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Fallen Nation: S/T

October 28, 2017

Thrashing their way straight out of Moscow and in to your gnarled ear caves is Fallen Nation. Their self titled release came out in August and packs in seven total tracks of old-school fueled thrash metal. The sound is incredibly nostalgic and definitely an homage to the thrash forefathers that came before them. And even with that being the case with Fallen Nation taking the tried and true approach to thrash, this is really well done. There is no inventing the wheel on this record, but what you do get is seven tracks of very solid and well done thrash metal that you ultimately feel the need to bang your head to once you begin listening.

Once that finger of yours lifts off of the play button you are greeted with nothing but sordid and rotten thrash. This release is pure as what you get is thrash metal with nothing else thrown in the mix to potentially make it fly under a different genre. Through seven straight tracks you are provided with well crafted and performed thrash metal that ultimately creates an enjoyable listen.

This self titled release is a wall of energized, crusty and angry thrash metal that you have no issues throwing up the horns for and head banging to. Each track supplies you with searing solos, acrobatic and spastic drumming and rough rugged vocals that tie Fallen Nation’s entire sound together very well. Each of the seven tracks on this record are just as solid as the last. There certainly isn’t a track on this release that is stale and there isn’t one that you would like to or want to skip.

As a whole, this thrashing madhouse of a release is well done and definitely does the thrash genre justice. As mentioned above, this release isn’t something that reinvents anything, but it does thrash metal more than enough justice as it provides you with a great throw back sound that has been executed oh so well. With old-school sounds flooding each genre it certainly can get tiresome, but there is something that is different about this release. Even though Fallen Nation has taken the beaten path and the tried and true approach to thrash, it just works as the overall sound that they provide you with is something that is enjoyable and not just mundane.

Overall, this self titled record is a good one. It gets you up and head banging until your neck breaks, it is energizing, entertaining, memorable and an overall solid listen to just sit and thrash out to. Well done Fallen Nation.

You can find this release right on their own Bandcamp.

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