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Velvet Thorns: Grisly World (Single)

October 30, 2017

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Recently Velvet Thorns had announced a brand new single titled Grisly World from their upcoming six track EP titled In The Name Of Reason. The track Grisly World as well as the rest of the EP pertains to the atrocities that were committed at the mental hospital Colonia in Minas Gerais. With such a dark, true and harrowing concept, one would have to imagine that the music itself would reflect such a horrifying and skin crawling sound, and Velvet Thorns certainly does just that.

If the rest of the EP sounds just like Grisly World does, we are in for a dark, twisted and hair raising treat. Grisly World begins with the chiming of bells coupled with choral singing in the background to provide you with an appropriate amount of foreboding. Once the chiming bells and the choral singing dies down, Velvet Thorns takes off providing you with straight forward drumming, ever buzzing straight ahead riffs that are paired with ghoul like vocals. Among the twisted and malevolent metallic noise is a haunting and ultimately nightmarish atmosphere.

With black metal, doom and experimental metal influences that are paired with a such a grim and haunting atmosphere, you are treated to a hair raising listen. With everything sewn together nicely, Velvet Thorns sets the scene of the grisly horrors that occurred at Colonia mental hospital. The pacing of Grisly World is good, the  atmosphere is excellent, the instrumentation is solid, and by just listening to Grisly World it makes you want to hear what Velvet Thorns has left to offer on their upcoming six track EP In The Name Of Reason.

But while we are waiting for the entire EP to appear, we are graced by this wonderfully dark piece to enjoy in the meantime.

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