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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

A Night In Texas: Global Slaughter

October 20, 2017


Global Slaughter begins with a dramatic and theatrical intro that not only pulls you in to the record but also makes you feel as though your time on this earth has come. Around the one minute mark the suspenseful and ominous intro fades and you quickly become under fire from a barrage of blasting drums and hellish shrieking vocals. This opening salvo just so happens to be the title track and the mark of the end of your days to come. Global Slaughter really is a slaughter and once you are done listening you feel as though you have been chewed up and spit out. This record is a force as it is undeniably neck breaking and skull caving from the first note until the final one.

This new release from A Night In Texas deals with the human condition, our political landscape as well as the permanent and irreversible damage that we have done to the earth among other things, and the way that these death dealers get you to pay attention is by blasting it straight in to your skull. Each track on this release including the two minute interlude Mors Ludicrum is a non-stop heavy handed beating. Global Slaughter is a potent and punishing record that doesn’t let its foot off of your throat even for a second. Each minute of this released is filled with unrelenting and skull beating deathcore. With breakdowns that are designed to shatter spines, gut ripping riffs, blasting drums and larynx shredding vocals, you are treated to a wholly chaotic and life stealing listen.

While Global Slaughter certainly is undeniably heavy, A Night In Texas incorporates a little bit of an atmospheric element throughout each track as well. This atmosphere that A Night In Texas creates isn’t one that is soothing by any means. Instead this atmosphere is sinister and adds a little more urgency in to each track as well. The little bits of atmosphere that are added in to each of the ten tracks works excellently along side the absolutely bludgeoning onslaught. It provides you with a sense of dread and ominous despair and that just ends up working so well with the overall sound as well as the message that is being portrayed.

Global Slaughter is an excellent follow up to their debut full length The God Delusion. This is a focused monster of a record that you will have a hard time putting down. It is clean, tightly knit, well performed and crafted and what you get as an end result is a savage bone breaking release. In the two years since The God Delusion came out it seems as though A Night In Texas’ sound and overall writing has matured and become more focused and that ultimately created this behemoth of a record, and god damn it definitely is.

Overall, Global Slaughter is a very good album, one that will I’m sure be on repeat for many a number of people for some time to come. Global Slaughter is memorable, heavy, neck breaking and an overall entertaining and solid release.

Global Slaughter will be out December 11, 2017

Check out their official music video for Population Extermination below!

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Dead Woman’s Ditch: Seo Mere Saetan

October 18, 2017

dead womans ditch cover.jpg

Cloaked in doom misery and shrouded in gnarled black metal undertones as well as a collection of various other genres is Dead Woman’s Ditch and their newest offering Seo Mere Saetan. This brand new release contains six brand new tracks that trudge along through lengthy run times providing you with grim, dark and mysterious tunes for you to get yourself wrapped up in. Dead Woman’s Ditch provides you with zero comfort as they get right in to the meat of their twisted sound immediately. Their opening salvo comes from The Ugly Truths which lurks and trudges along gifting you with nothing but dark and sinister tones setting the pace and the tone for the remaining five songs to follow.

The balance of black metal and doom within this record is great as Dead Woman’s Ditch provides you with both unique sounds from each genre throughout each track. While  the majority of Dead Woman’s Ditch’s sound can be heard through their doom and black metal influences, they also incorporate many more unique sounds and influences to create a unique and mysterious overall sound. Dead Woman’s Ditch does a great job of pulling you in nearly immediately with their contorted, varied, hard to completely pin point and grime filled sound.

Seo Mere Saetan certainly is a cold and grisly record that paints soundscapes of utter darkness and madness. The atmosphere that seeps through your speakers begins to encircle you and drag you further and further in to a fog filled horror. Each track is massively intense and demanding as they shovel so much at you all at one time, and even so each song is cohesive and incredibly well constructed. Seo Mere Saetan as a whole is just as melodic as it is striking and punishing as Dead Woman’s Ditch does an excellent job of balancing melody with malice.

From the massively sludge filled riffs that are paired with heavy drums, bone rattling bass lines and varied vocals that switch off between piercing screams to gravel filled yells, everything comes together very well through each track. Seo Mere Saetan as whole is a well performed record that horrifies and mystifies all while it takes you on a grim and dark journey through soundscapes that are entirely devoid of light and life.

This is an impressive debut release for Dead Woman’s Ditch. The entire record is well constructed and each element that these heathens have sewn in to this release work very well with each other to create a nice and horrific sound that you are bound to remember.

Devilpriest: Devil Inspired Chants

October 18, 2017


Spewing forth from the very depths of hell comes Devilpriest and their debut album Devil Inspired Chants. Right off the bat Devilpriest makes you feel unwelcome as they rain heavy blood drenched riffs and skull cracking drums down upon you nearly immediately. Devilpriest doesn’t give you much time at all to become acquainted with them as they shove their sickening brand of blackened death metal down your throat as soon as you press play. From the first track Withstand The Holy Ghost on, you become encircled by a sonic wall of madness and pure evil. Through and through, Devil Inspired Chants is a sinister and venomous record that never lets up as it leads you to the altar of sacrifice.

The old-school approach is certainly a tried and true approach among new bands and that is the sound that you get with Devilpriest. You get an old-school blackened death metal sound from them, and while death metal and black metal are flooded with bands that take this old-school sound it can get tedious. That being said, the way in which Devilpriest utilize this throw back sound makes Devil Inspired Chants to be an entertaining and head banging listen regardless.

There isn’t anything that is completely new or ground breaking within Devil Inspired Chants, but even so, Devilpriest executes this record very well creating a chaotic storm of pure madness and Satanic worship. Everything on this record is done very well; from the maniacal screams to the blood saturated riffs to the blasting drums all the way to the clean production. Devil Inspired Chants is a solid record that dares you to listen beyond the first track and when you do you discover some flesh shredding and skull crumbling tunes.

Coming from a band that is just entering the death/black metal fray, this is an impressive and well orchestrated debut record. Through eight tracks you are presented with poisonous and wretched blackened death metal. Each track is worth cranking and snapping your neck to and Devil Inspired Chants is worth listening to more than just a couple of times.

This release is dark, satanic, twisted, chaotic and very heavy. Devilpriest never give you too many moments to pause and catch your breath. Devil Inspired Chants is a death machine as they roll through track after track of barbaric and slaughtering metal.


Devil Inspired Chants will be out November 10, 2017 through Pagan Records.

Gloam: Death is the Beginning

October 16, 2017

gloam - cover haulix.jpg

The newest effort Death is the Beginning from California natives Gloam begins with an appropriately titled intro called Anguish. Anguish is a three plus minute intro that may be just a little too long of an intro for some, but what it does is expertly set up the tone and the overall mood of the rest of the EP. Anguish at first seems to be a melancholic intro that begins with some picked notes that ultimately end up blending together with pounding drums and humming bass lines. The longer that you listen to Anguish you begin to realize that there is something much more sinister lurking within its sound and that Death is the Beginning is about to become much more murky and grim.

Once Anguish fades away you start off with …Of A Carrion Kind which completely submerges you in the dark and purely sinister world of Gloam. Gloam creates an ultimately deadly and poisonous sound by combining doom, black metal and even some thrash elements. They weave each genre together expertly creating a cohesive and grim sound that gets right under your skin. …Of A Carrion Kind leans more on Gloam’s black metal elements as this track provides you with seven minutes of terrorizing and blood lusting black metal. This song starts off nearly immediately providing you with pulsating drums and sharp buzzing riffs. After nearly a minute and a half raspy and hellish vocals force their way through the never ending storm of blackened noise. …Of A Carrion Kind is a blasting assault of a track that quickly engulfs you in hellish and pitch black flames.

The third and final track on this EP is the title track, and unlike …Of A Carrion Kind, this song is slower and more doom oriented. From the very beginning of the title track you are dragged through a murky and malevolent sound that crushes you under its sheer weight. As the title track trudges along you can feel yourself being bogged down and dragged down in to the gloomy abyss that Gloam has created. For more than half of the song you are provided with nothing but murky riffs and demonic vocals until Gloam changes pace in the blink of an eye only to present you with more chaotic and blasphemous black metal. Within the track Death is the Beginning, Gloam show that they can transition between black metal and doom seamlessly as well as combine the two expertly. Never does Gloam lurch from one to the other creating a cohesive and well constructed sound.

Death is the Beginning is only three tracks and nineteen minutes long, not a terribly long effort, but long enough to keep your sinister appetite subdued and just short enough to keep you listening over and over again. This is a well put together and performed release that gets you hooked right from the beginning.


Death is the Beginning is available now through Blood Harvest Records!

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Necrot: Blood Offerings

October 14, 2017

Necrot cover.jpg

Necrot formed in 2011, and since then they have put out three demos and a compilation album. Six years after formation, these death metal heathens released their debut full length titled Blood Offerings. This release is eight tracks long full of nothing but old-school death metal inspired tunes that are covered in as much blood and blasphemy as you could possibly want. With an old-school neck twisting groove, Necrot created something that sounds as though it belongs in the late eighties and early nineties era of death metal. While Necrot takes the tried and true approach, they do add their own sound to it to make this bludgeoning death sound their own.

Without so much as an introduction, Necrot blast straight through your speakers with blasting drums, contorted riffs and zombie like growls that make your flesh peel from bone. Through and through, Blood Offerings is death metal and nothing else. This is straight up uncompromising and unrelenting death metal down to the bones. There aren’t any breaks, no interludes or intros to any of their tracks. Necrot rolls through eight songs without stopping or letting their blood soaked knife off of your throat.

Blood Offerings is a rumbling and menacing death machine that culls, decapitates and aims for nothing other than your demise. Each of the eight tracks on this record are blood and entrails soaked as they spurt blood and fling left over body parts. Blood Offerings is a sadistic an unrelenting blast from death metal’s past. From front to back, Blood Offerings is a ripping and head banging good listen that provides you with all of the death metal brutality that you could possibly be looking for.

This new release is a cohesive and well put together effort that really ends up show casing Necrot’s abilities. Over six years it seems as though they have honed their craft damn near perfectly ultimately to create an album that is as ripping and sharp as Blood Offerings. There are no frills, there isn’t anything that is over done or out of place as what you get is eight solid and sordid tracks of nothing but death.

Blood Offerings is for all death metal fans, but old-school death metal fans specifically. If you are looking for a sound that is older with some new death metal influences, Necrot certainly is the band that is the answer to that rotten death metal fix. Overall, Blood Offerings is a solid record; one that gets under your skin and one that you can head bang to feverishly and often, and not to mention, this is a great record for a debut full length.


Blood Offerings is out now through Tankcrimes Records!

Sangue Nero: Viscere

October 11, 2017

Sangue Nero.png

Over the years black metal has been burgeoning with new black metal bands from all over the globe. These bands play in the vein of old-school black metal, the new wave of black metal, atmospheric black metal and so much more, and with Sangue Nero they fall under a more experimental and odd kind of category. Within their new five track album Viscere, Sangue Nero display a unique and interesting style of black metal that is difficult to categorize or really put in to words what it actually is.

By combining traditional black metal with non-traditional heavy metal instruments, almost chanted vocals from time to time, interesting tempo shifts and more, Sangue Nero create an almost devilishly disorienting sound that you can’t quite get enough of. Much of black metal is shrouded in misery, pain and darkness, but with Sangue Nero their sound is linked more to horror and terrifying madness. In fact, Viscere is madness, but in a great way. Through five tracks you are presented with a sound that is twisted, sinister and sewn together in such a way that it does sound like madness crawling through your speakers.

The majority of the tracks on Viscere feel ritualistic, like you have walked in on a sinister sacrifice to the death gods below. In the fourth track you are immediately greeted with what sounds like a didgeridoo that ultimately becomes coupled with traditional rattles and pounding drumming that gives you images of sitting around a fire in the middle of nowhere waiting for the sacrifice to begin. Around the minute and a half mark, sharpened riffs pour from your speakers all while the didgeridoo and the rattles play in the background. Half way through this track you are greeted with a sinister yet angelic vocal that couples very well with each of the other elements that surround it.  The sound has an overall dark over tone that is hard to ignore and become possessed by.

What I just described above is a small sample of what you hear all throughout this release. Sangue Nero does a great job of creating a grim and malevolent sound  by coupling black metal with more non-traditional metal instruments to make you feel as though you really are in an utterly dark space devoid of all light waiting for a ritual to take place. Sangue Nero does a great job of combining both their uncompromising blasting black metal with more ritualistic and non-traditional sounds to create a wholly blasphemous and gnarled sound. Viscere is surprising and certainly dramatic and that just pulls you in for more and more sacrilegious blackened metal.

The balance between the more progressive and the more traditional is great on this record. Sangue Nero provides you with both metallic fury and non-traditional at the same time occasionally, and more often than not they separate the two so that you can feel the power of both separately and appreciate it when they are sewn together to create a disorienting yet memorable listen.

Viscere is unconventional as I’m sure you can tell. But even so, this release is a great one because of that. The entire album is intriguing and mysterious and more often than not you want to listen to it again and again. Viscere has an innate ability to draw you in and keep you listening, and with that among everything else that has been said about it, this release definitely is a solid one.

Haemorrhage: We Are The Gore

October 10, 2017


Appropriately titled We Are The Gore, Haemorrhage comes storming out of their blood stained and corpse riddled operating room with their new release. It has been six solid years since their last full length Hospital Carnage and these gore fiends don’t miss a beat. With We Are The Gore, Haemorrhage’s style and sound certainly does not change that much, and why should it? You know that old saying, “why stitch something up if its not bleeding”, or something to that effect. Basically all that I’m saying is that Haemorrhage found a sound that ultimately works for them and has continued to work throughout the years and there is no need to go changing that formula.

Through fourteen brand new tracks you are subject to what Haemorrhage does best, and what they do best is blast and grind away at your skull by providing you with some demented and sickening gore grind. Blood spurts from your speakers, cadavers pile up and if you listen long enough a foul and putrid stench begins to emit from your already blood drenched speakers. In typical Haemorrhage fashion, We Are The Gore is all about gore, maiming, killing, cadavers, and slicing anything and everything up that they can get their hands on and that makes for a fiendishly good listen.

As mentioned before, why fix something that isn’t broken? Haemorrhage builds on their furious entrails soaked style to provide you a cohesive, deadly and all together heavy and skull grinding record. With scalpel sharp riffs that are paired with blasting drums and guttural, flesh consuming vocals you are presented with a deadly and ghastly record that is ultimately entertaining to listen to. From track one to track fourteen, Haemorrhage pour on the grind and the rancid gore for nearly forty minutes leaving you soaked with rotting flesh and left over body parts from their previous victims.

Much like their previous albums, these masters of all things grotesque and unsettling create an overall disgusting and vile sound that you ultimately have a difficult time not listening to. Through and through We Are The Gore is a solid release. There isn’t anything showy, flashy or over done within this release and there shouldn’t be, especially for a gore grind record. This simply is a good solid record that will cater to all gore grind and extreme metal fans leaving them head banging until their neck snaps.


We Are The Gore is out right now through Relapse Records! You can find this record here: and right here:


Primitive Man: Caustic

October 9, 2017

Primitive Man.jpg

Release after release, Primitive Man always seems to up the ante. Each release seems to be heavier, darker, much more grim in tone and down right nightmarish, and Caustic is no different. In a recent interview with Noisey, front man Ethan McCarthy stated, “I wanted to convey true horror”, and holy fuck he sure did. Caustic is a twelve track release that is a sheer wall of terrorizing noise that does nothing but crush you under its massive weight. From note one you quickly realize what you are in for, and what you are in for with this new record is misery, darkness and seething hatred and all of that and more pours through your speakers second after second.

There is no doubt that Caustic is a challenging beast of a record as it challenges the listener from the very first note to sit through the torment, and if you do, Caustic is a very rewarding listen. This is a massive record, and if you have the patience to sit through nearly eighty full minutes of nothing but ever growing hatred and pain, you realize that you have listened to one of the finer doom albums this year.

Even with its extensive run time you never feel as though you really are listening to eighty minutes of volatile hatred. Caustic does a great job of pulling you in and consuming all that you are for the entirety of its massive run time. This release is an intricate work of devilish art that gnashes at your flesh and tears away at your ear drums until the final gnarled note has been played. There is no denying that Caustic is a dark, grim and destructive record that levels just about everything that it comes across.

The overall sound of Caustic isn’t entirely different from Primitive Man’s previous releases, it just is a more refined and focused one. Everything that you have come to love and know from Primitive Man is all within this twelve track monster of a record. The grimy, sludge filled sound is there, the potent misery is there, the rapidly expanding darkness is all within this release for you to revel in. Scorn was a great record, but with Caustic, Primitive Man has out done themselves and created an album that you just do not want to stop listening to.

You expect nothing but the best horrifying doom noise from Primitive Man and they definitely deliver. Throughout this record you are greeted by long doom passages that dive deeper and deeper in to a never ending darkness. Caustic-in my opinion-is Primitive Man’s best work to date and certainly is an ambitious record as well. As a whole, it is terrifying, skin crawling, unsettling and incredibly fucking heavy. With Caustic, Primitive Man continues to impress and continues to deliver some of the most nasty, well done doom to hit anyone’s gnarled ears.

Caustic is out now through Relapse Records and can be found here: and here:

Check out the official video for Commerce below!

Exhumed: Death Revenge

October 8, 2017


With a cover that looks like it came straight from a seventies slasher movie poster, Exhumed rise from the crypt to gift you with a gore filled and life threatening new record titled Death Revenge. Death Revenge is a twelve track concept record that revolves around stories of grave robbing in the 1820’s in Scotland. Exhumed pulls their first concept record off flawlessly, and why shouldn’t they? Death Revenge is a gruesome and foul release that you can’t seem to want to stop listening to. Even after keeping this record on repeat for hours on end it never loses its blood soaked luster and still is just as enjoyable to listen to as it was on the first go around.

Death Revenge begins with Death Revenge Overture which sounds like a sound track straight out of a horror film and it really does a great job of making you feel unsettled. Once Death Revenge Overture fades away, Exhumed really kicks their record off with Defenders of the Grave. From this point on you are greeted with nothing but blood soaked and frenzied tunes that snap your head back immediately.

Each track on this record is a monstrous and slaughtering effort that aims right for your throat as soon as you press play. For just under fifty minutes you are subject to utterly filthy, disgusting and putrid metal to bang your head and bash your brains around to. It is no surprise that Death Revenge may be one of Exhumed’s best offerings.

Not only does Exhumed provide you with the usual gut ripping riffs, bone shattering drumming and blood thirsty vocals, but they also provide you with some horrifying atmosphere at times as well. Just like in the intro Death Revenge Overture, Exhumed gifts you with even more of that skin crawling horror movie music to provide you with an unsettling and grim atmosphere. There always have been theatrics in Exhumed records, but with Death Revenge the theatrics almost take on a life of their own and the way that they are incorporated within this record is incredibly well done.

This gruesome record does a great job of keeping you listening and keeping you wanting  to come back for more and more gore insanity. There isn’t a moment on this track that is missing anything, and there isn’t a track on this release that you want to ever skip over. Death Revenge as a whole is a well put together record that is executed expertly ultimately creating an album that is heavy and insanely memorable.

This skull grinding record is that exactly. Death Revenge is a blood thirsty, skull and organ grinding release that just doesn’t seem to quit once it begins. This is one hell of a great record from these gore maniacs and it certainly is one of the best death metal releases this year.

Check out the official Defenders of the Grave videobelow!

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