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Acid Witch: Evil Sound Screamers

November 1, 2017

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I realize that I have missed the Halloween boat for this Halloween released record, but here we are, the day after Halloween and we are already getting prepared for next years debauchery and there isn’t a better way to do so than with an Acid Witch record. Evil Sound Screamers isn’t just tailored for Halloween, it is the embodiment of Halloween. Intricately woven in synths are paired with doom death goodness to provide you with a skin crawling and all together creepy listen.

Acid Witch has always been a unique and interesting band to listen to and with Evil Sound Screamers that sentiment still holds true. With this new record, Acid Witch seem to have upped the ante for themselves. Evil Sound Screamers is an undeniable record and just one listen through doesn’t do it justice as you keep this treat on repeat well past Halloween. This record is a bewitching, highly memorable and intoxicating record that you seem to have a hard time not listening to. Even when you aren’t listening, the grisly riffs, ghoulish synths and the fiendish vocals play over and over again in your head.

Evil Sound Screamers does a great job of transplanting you right in the middle of a Halloween themed nightmare throughout all ten songs. The element that really helps you envision ghastly horrors are the very well done, unique and intricately placed synths. The synths that you hear all throughout this record are firmly planted in the seventies and eighties realm of horror providing you with some throw back horror for you to revel in. These synths aren’t so much as just another element to this wicked record, but they are also a bonding element through each track providing you with a cohesive and comprehensive horror filled listen.

Working in sickening harmony with the ever present synths is the wall of doom death goodness that drips through your speakers like spilled blood. Heavy haunting riffs pour through your speakers as the drums pound against your skull all while devilish grimy vocals spill through all of the madness. With the grim death doom metallic madness paired with the never ending horrifying synths to compliment it, you are ultimately provided with one hell of a listen. From beginning to end, Evil Sound Screamers is an entertaining, heavy and hair raising listen that you just want to keep listening to over and over again.

Evil Sound Screamers is a thirty-eight minute venture through nightmarish atmospheres and horror filled soundscapes, and at the end of the listen, thirty-eight minutes just doesn’t seem long enough. You keep reaching for that play button once the record has concluded as you just can’t seem to get enough to satisfy your horror hunger. This record is perfect for Halloween as well as for any other time of year. This murky, grim and ghoulish record is something to behold, and with this record Acid Witch seem to have out done themselves. It has been seven years since Stoned came out, and this time around, Acid Witch have created another record that will be remembered as a classic.

Evil Sound Screamers is available now! Follow the link below!

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