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Devangelic: Phlegethon

November 13, 2017

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For not having been around for entirely too long, Devangelic has certainly made a name for themselves in the brutal death metal community and rightfully so. 2014 saw the coming of their acclaimed debut full length Resurrection Denied, and now three years later Devangelic graces us with yet another brutal death work of art. Phlegethon is the title of this new release and within this album you will find ten tracks of brutalizing, mutilating and purely unholy brutal death metal. Once you press play on this monstrous record the flood gates open and you are presented with nothing but unrelenting and unapologetic death metal that gnashes at your flesh and tears at your very existence.

Once Phlegethon begins it keeps on rolling spreading devastating and death for ten straight tracks. There is no filler or fluff within this record and never for a second does Devangelic let up as they keep their already caked in blood knife on your throat for the entirety of the listen. From track one to track ten you are gifted with pulverizing brutal death metal that aims to expunge you from the face of this earth no matter what. Phlegethon is a record that embodies pure savagery and blood lust and you may be lucky to escape with only a few limbs missing.

Devangelic takes what they did well on Resurrection Denied and make those elements even better on Phlegethon creating an even darker, even more twisted and insane listen. Phlegethon is also an intricate work of brutal death metal, and even with it being a more intricate work it doesn’t detract from the ultimate brutality that Devangelic is known for. Phlegethon is a slab of punishing and dehumanizing death metal that rumbles on from start to finish laying waste to everyone that dares come across it. Each track is sickening, twisted, dark and undeniably heavy gifting you with one hell of an entertaining listen.

Through and through Phlegethon impresses as it certainly is one of the better brutal death metal albums that has been released this year. This record is an undeniable slaughtering machine that wants nothing more than to shed blood and pile up the bodies. This release offers just about everything that a brutal death record should offer and then some. With Phlegethon, Devangelic has upped the ante providing you with something that is better than their last release as well as a release that is-as mentioned-one of the better brutal death metal releases this year.

Phlegethon is a cohesive barrage of destruction and death. Each track rolls nicely in to the next never really giving you time to catch your breath before the next onslaught comes barreling through your speakers. The only reprieve that you are allowed is when the seventh track Wretched Incantations appears, but even then it sets a dismal tone for the rest of the record. This release is a gore filled madhouse that you just can’t get enough of. Phlegethon is an addicting slab of brutal death that you just can’t seem to get out of your head once you have listened.

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