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Bloodshot Dawn: Reanimation

November 20, 2017

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A little over three years has passed since Demons came out and after a couple of lineup changes, Bloodshot Dawn is back at it again and set to release their newest death metal onslaught Reanimation early next year. Reanimation brings ten brand new tracks to the table, and in typical Bloodshot Dawn fashion, each track is just as melodic and captivating as they are heavy and  unrelenting. From beginning to end, Reanimation captures its audience as it provides them with technical, melodic and heavy death metal that is hard to forget.

As a whole, Reanimation is a tightly knit and well executed record that provides you with some of the most technical and melodic death metal for you to crank your necks to. From beginning to end you become under siege by seamless guitar work that is supplemented by scorching solos, storming blasting drum work as well as varied vocals that range from unearthly growls to gritty gravel filled screams. If you ignore everything else that this record has to offer, the musicianship wizardry alone is enough to captivate you and make you want to listen over and over again.

Each track is well constructed, and each track flows well in to the next providing you with a cohesive and well rounded listen. Bloodshot Dawn does a great job of mixing together their more melodic elements with their more blasting and punishing elements to create a sound that is unpredictable and mesmerizing at the same time. This record has a great knack for hammering itself straight in to your brain only to live there for quite some time. Each track on this release is entirely memorable and incredibly entertaining. There isn’t a cut on Reanimation that feels as though it doesn’t belong, and there certainly isn’t a track on this album that you would feel the need to skip. Each of the ten tracks on this record are solid, well put together and addicting to listen to.

Once you press play and the blasting drums and face melting riffs pour from your speakers, you have no other choice but to head bang along and hope that your head is still intact after the album has concluded. After some lineup changes after Demons was released, Bloodshot Dawn seem to have come back better than ever and show that off entirely with Reanimation. This is a solid, cohesive and well put together release that is highly memorable and addicting to listen to.

If you are a fan of technical melodic death metal you just simply cannot go wrong with Reanimation. From beginning to end you find yourself lost within the world that Bloodshot Dawn has created within this record, and once you finish listening you feel a massive need to listen again and again.

Reanimation will be out January 18, 2017 through Hostile Media.

Reanimation UK/Ireland Live Dates
17/01/18 – Black Heart, London
18/01/18 – Green Door Store, Brighton
19/01/18 – Boiler Room, Guildford
20/01/18 – The Underground, Plymouth
21/01/18 – Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff
22/01/18 – The Flapper, Birmingham
23/01/18 – Audio, Glasgow
24/01/18 – The Fulford Arms, York
25/01/18 – The Peer Hat, Manchester
26/01/18 – An Spailpin Fanach, Cork
27/01/18 – Limelight, Belfast
28/01/18 – On The Rox, Dublin

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