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Last Minute To Jaffna: Quattro

November 26, 2017

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In just two tracks, Last Minute To Jaffna create an atmospheric world and have that world unfold before your very eyes. The atmosphere runs thick throughout this record and is very hard to escape from as it envelopes and shrouds you nearly immediately. The atmosphere isn’t the only stand out thing their newest release titled Quattro though as these sludge merchants provide you with thick and completely buzzing and fuzzed out tunes for you to escape to and lose yourself in. As atmospheric and groove filled as this release is, it is just as heavy and head banging.

Through and through, you are presented with murky rolling riffs that get your head nodding in a heart beat, progressive drumming and dissonant vocal chord straining vocals that peer through the sonic wall of atmospheric sludge. Throughout Quattro, you are greeted with passages that are hard rocking and head banging, and the next moment you are being thrown in to slower, more methodical and atmospheric passages. Last Minute To Jaffna does a great job of mixing and matching tempos and changing them frequently to keep you guessing and keep you listening for what may lie ahead.

Quattro is an easy EP to get in to and sit and listen to numerous times. Even though both tracks sport lengthier run times, it never really feels as though you are sitting for twenty minutes going through these tracks. Each track is well crafted and performed seamlessly to create a cohesive and intriguing listen that you want to keep listening to. On top of that, Last Minute To Jaffna have created songs that sweep you away to their vast soundscapes and broad all encompassing atmospheres that ultimately captivate you and keep you listening for quite some time.

Once you press play, the murky sludge pours through your speakers and in to your ears working their way in to your scarred brain making a nice home for themselves. Quattro is memorable and easy to listen to numerous times without tiring of it quickly. Each element that Last Minute To Jaffna has sewn in to this EP works seamlessly with one another gifting you with a complete and cohesive listen. This EP is at times serene and hypnotic, and at other times harsh and hard rocking providing you with plenty of variety within only two tracks. Overall, Quattro doesn’t break any mold, or shatter entirely new ground, but it is a great release nonetheless as it provides you with two really solid tracks that you can sink your teeth in to.


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