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Degial: Predator Reign

November 29, 2017


It almost seems as though Degial is the embodiment of death metal itself, and they make that very apparent with how they have spoken about their music and overall sound in the past. Degial has stated that their music embodies death, darkness and chaos, and all three of those things and more are found within their newest offering titled Predator Reign. Through their eleven years of existence, Degial certainly has made a name for themselves in the death metal scene as they have continuously put out solid release after solid release. With each record, Degial seems to get better and better and up the ante for themselves each time they put forth a release, and with Predator Reign that trend continues.

Two years have passed since their blood letting sophomore record Savage Mutiny, and this year Degial released yet another bone splintering and demon spawning release. Predator Reign is death metal through and through. Degial doesn’t mess around with intros, outros, fillers, fluff or anything of that sort. Throughout this record you are presented with ten blood letting, violent and merciless tracks that tear you to shreds from the get go. From the very first track on, Degial relentlessly pours their brand of molten death metal on thick stabbing at you from all directions. Each track on this release is rabid, furious, blood thirsty and incredibly malicious and malevolent.

Predator Reign leaves you looking like a bloody pulp after its run time has come to an end. This dark and murderous record gnaws at your ear drums and tears away at your flesh each second that it plays, and the longer that you end up listening the more and more deadly it becomes. Degial seems to have a complete disregard for life of any kind as they come barreling out of your speakers knives brandished, glistening in the fresh new blood of their latest victim. Each rotted riff stabs at you and continues stabbing until you are no longer breathing. The drums blast and smash away at your brittle bones as rumbling bass lines dance menacingly behind. As the wall of chaos and utter madness descends upon you, ferocious and barbaric vocals add to the frenzy completing the caustic death metal assault.

Around every bend and twist throughout Predator Reign awaits death. Predator Reign is deadly, vicious, ruthless and blood curdling and that is just what you would want your death metal to sound like. Degial’s approach to death metal is uncompromised and pure and the result of that is ten incredibly well crafted and written death metal tracks that you can’t get enough of. Predator Reign is explosive, raw and down right nasty in the best of ways.

Degial over the years has captured the very sound of death metal and pretty much are the embodiment of death metal, and with their newest release Predator Reign that still continues to be true. Predator Reign is a thoroughly enjoyable record that is certainly one of the top death metal releases this year.

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