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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Antioch: III: Wings and Warlocks

December 31, 2017

Coming two years after their debut full length II: First Stryke, Canadian power/speed metal quartet unleashed III: Wings and Warlocks. This new offering is a step above their debut full length as Antioch displays more mature song writing and on top of that they have honed their craft more to produce a more technical overall sound. This new offering contains eight brand new songs that are sure to get your head banging and your fist pumping nearly immediately. Each track on this record is infectious, high octane, heavy and incredibly memorable. III: Wings and Warlocks is very well put together and very well executed to provide you with an entertaining and highly addictive sound.

Antioch doesn’t mess around with fluff of any sort as they present you with nothing but pure heavy metal goodness from beginning to end. Not only that, but Antioch doesn’t wait to get you acclimated to their ripping, soaring and screeching sound as they mash the pedal through the floor from the very beginning never to look back. The types of tracks on this release are the type that you can really sink your teeth into and completely enjoy no matter how many times it is that you end up listening. Through each cut, Antioch gifts you with nothing but turbo charged face melting metal that throws you straight back to the seventies where bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest were first beginning to pop up.

With technical, face shredding riffs that are paired with soaring, powerful vocals as well as barreling drumming and memorable song writing, how can you go wrong? The song writing and the technical execution of each instrument is impressive, and when the incredibly infectious vocals come roaring through your speakers, everything comes together in great heavy metal glory. You really can’t go wrong with any of the eight tracks on this release as each and every one of them are just as good, potent and highly memorable as the others. Much sooner rather than later, Antioch will have you pumping your fist and singing along with them.

III: Wings and Warlocks is a speedy, technical, massively energizing and incredibly intoxicating release that will have you coming back for more and more. Once you begin listening, each of these tracks work their way in to and through your ear drums firmly planting themselves in your brain for you to remember for days to come.

Antioch Bandcamp


Pissboiler: In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares

December 29, 2017


Ever oppressive, ever stomach turning and ever unsettling is Pissboiler and not too long ago they unleashed their brand new doom opus unto the masses. In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares is the name of Pissboiler’s newest offering and nightmarish is a pretty appropriate word for this effort. Through four tracks you are faced with some incredibly harrowing and depressing droning doom metal that crawls underneath your skin like a parasite. Each of the four tracks on this release seep through your speakers like grimy, bloodied nightmares only to infect your mind and provide you with disturbing atmospheres and soundscapes.

Each track trudges along as if they are sifting through sludge filled mires of death and gloom. Low, slow and distorted is the approach here for Pissboiler and the more that you listen the more that you become wrapped up in their music. Their harrowing and apocalyptic droning doom sound captivates you and almost lulls you in to a stupor as they drag you through harsh sludge filled soundscape after sludge filled soundscape. After the passing of each track you are left feeling helpless and alone in a bleak and ever darkening world. Each track is without hope and without light and the more that you listen the more and more deadly the album as a whole becomes.

In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares is riddled with flesh gnashing and soul peeling distorted chords that are only to be supplemented by roaring inhuman vocals that tear at your eardrums themselves. Each track is massive and swallows you whole, dragging you down in to a never ending pit of eternal blackness. Throughout the time that you spend listening to this monolithic record, you feel your heart sink and your hope fade away in to the darkness. “In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares” is a completely and utterly hope and life diminishing listen, one that is not to be forgotten or looked over.

This offering is wonderfully dark and grim and so well put together making it out to be an excellent listen. In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares is filled with despair and melancholy that is presented to you by droning nightmarish doom. Each passage takes you through darkened and poisoned corridors from which you cannot run or escape from. Once you begin listening, Pissboiler traps you in their dark, twisting and ever tortured world that they have created. In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares is as hypnotic as it is damning, and the more that you listen, the more that you want to keep listening and putting yourself through such a grim and life threatening album.

In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares is an exceptional album, one that is deserved of praise. Through four tracks you are presented with something that is monolithic and mind altering. Well done Pissboiler, you have created one of my favorite albums this year.

Revenger: The New Mythology Vol.1

December 27, 2017


Kicking the year off in complete utter thrash madness is Revenger with their upcoming EP The New Mythology Vol.1. This brand new slab of metal if filled with five tracks of nothing but groove filled thrash metal for you to bang your head and twist your neck to. Each of the five tracks on this release shoot right out of your speakers and hit you square in the chest. Revenger wastes no time at all getting you acquainted with their music as they hit you fast and hard from the very moment you press play. This entire EP is heavy, memorable, groove filled, melodic and incredibly entertaining.

Through each track you are gifted pure thrashing energized madness. You won’t find a dull moment throughout this release as Revenger provides you with nothing but non stop thrash action. Each track is driven by heavy face melting riffs that are only to be coupled by barreling drums and intense throat ripping vocals. There isn’t a moment within this release where you are not completely under siege by Revenger’s brand of thrashing sonic madness.

The New Mythology Vol.1 is a high octane and highly entertaining and memorable listen. To add to that, each track is memorable and unique in their own way. Never do you hear the same sound twice as you are presented with plenty of variety and diversity throughout. Each track on this EP is gritty, technical, calculated and well put together creating a cohesive and overall well done release. Once you begin listening you will have no choice but to headbang and let Revenger take you on a thrashing ride through their world they have created with The New Mythology Vol.1.

This EP has a great ability for getting under your skin and finding its way up to your brain where it will rest for some time. Each track on this EP is well done and performed very well making it out to be a great overall listen. From start to finish you are entertained and hooked too each twist and turn that Revenger present. The New Mythology Vol.1 is a very solid effort, one that will definitely be appreciated by thrash fans and heavy metal fans in general.

The New Mythology Vol.1 will be out February 17, 2018


December 23, 2017


There are massive albums, and then there are cataclysmic albums and that is what HELL has brought forth. With their self titled release, HELL unleashes a sound that is harrowing, bone breaking and apocalyptic. In only seven tracks, HELL unleashes sludge filled doom hatred upon you burying you beneath spine shattering riffs and unearthly bass lines. Upon pressing play you really do become buried under a sonic assault of epic proportions. Once HELL gets going they don’t stop as they scorch the earth behind them and lay waste to the unfortunate souls that cross their path. From the first track on you quickly realize that you are in for a harrowing and incredibly damning listen, one that drags you to the fiery pits of Sodom never to be seen again.

Heavy doesn’t really begin to describe how heavy this self titled offering really is. From track to track you are greeted with nothing but flesh flaying and life threatening sludge filled doom that ultimately digs you a grave and expects you to lie in it. The overall sound of this release is earth shaking and soul peeling making it out to be such a destructive yet captivating listen. Once you press play there is no going back, you cannot escape the walls of doom that close in with every passing second. Each of the seven tracks on this offering are just as colossal as the others and punish you all the same. With each passing second and each passing minute you become under siege by unrelenting murky doom that won’t let you out of its cold grasp.

Each track is a crushing offering ultimately making you buckle under the sheer weight shattering your bones in the process. This self titled release is inhumanly heavy and incredibly damning and bitter. Each of the seven tracks are harrowing, grim, dark, twisted, malevolent and incredibly unforgiving. This record crashes down upon you with an incredible intensity and weight that makes you feel bogged down as if you are stuck in a murky sludge filled mire. HELL moves along from track to track trudging along like a reaper patiently waiting for your demise.

Once you reach the end of this release you feel as though you have relinquished your life to the damned below. The melancholic way in which Seelenos wraps the album up makes it seem as though your life has come to a close, that your life is no more and you are only to be buried in a cold damp ground. This fifty minute release is something to behold as it is monolithic and unapologetic. This is an unforgettable release, one that buries itself under your skin.

With this offering, HELL has created something that is just undeniable as well as something that doom fans are sure to find incredible enjoyment out of.

Dark Hound: Dawning

December 22, 2017

Dark Hound - Dawning - Album Cover.jpg

In incredibly punchy, fiery, vicious and overall memorable fashion, Dark Hound accelerates through your speakers in to your ear drums to deliver to you a highly memorable and addictive listen. Dawning is the name of Dark Hound’s upcoming release and within this package you are presented with eleven brand new tracks that make a nice comfortable home in your brain for some time to come. Dawning is a difficult record to forget and a difficult record to put down once you begin listening. From the first track to the last, each of the eleven songs on this offering are great. There isn’t a track on this release that is missing something in my opinion and not only that but you can listen to this record through and through and never really tire of it.

These Nashville natives have created a sound that is infectious and incredibly undeniable. Dawning is a solid release through and through never pulling any punches and never relenting with their bombastic style of play. Dark Hound flows from track to track never really stopping to give you a break from the uncontrolled heavy metal sonic assault. As each track rolls along you feel your head nodding more and more with the passing of each track and each minute. This album as a whole just ends up getting right under your skin and burying itself right in your ear never to be forgotten easily.

Each element, from the crunching riffs to the rumbling bass lines to the ever barreling drumming all the way to the intoxicating and smooth vocals, everything comes together in harmony to create such a smooth yet punchy sound. Dawning is melodic, groovy and heavy making for an interesting and highly potent listen. Sooner rather than later Dark Hound will have you singing along and jamming out along with them. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, Dawning is incredibly infectious. Dark Horse takes traditional heavy metal and adds their own twist to it to create a sound that is unique and their own.

Through eleven tracks you are presented with nearly fifty whole minutes of nothing but heavy metal goodness. There is a lot of content to listen to on this record and none of it gets old. Each of the eleven tracks on this release is a face melting heavy metal effort that demands to be listened to, and dammit they will be listened to. Each track is well put together and performed very well also creating an overall great listen. Dawning is a gritty always charging kind of release that mashes the pedal through the floor never to look back.

Dawning is heavy metal with a twist done very well and with this just being Dark Hound’s sophomore full length release, they impress and then some.

Satanic: Architecture of Chaos

December 21, 2017


When sewn together, thrash and death metal typically create a chaotic and mayhem fueled sound that does its best to peel your face back off of your skull and with Architecture of Chaos that is what Satanic tries to do. Satanic marries thrash metal and death metal together to create a wholly head bang worthy sound that is ripping from beginning to end. While the joining of both thrash and death isn’t something that is entirely unique or new, the entirety of Architecture of Chaos is an entirely entertaining and enjoyable listen. Throughout this release you are presented with eight tracks that shred right from the beginning never to look back at all of the mayhem that they have spread.

From beginning to end Satanic provides you with ripping tune after ripping tune. There isn’t one second of filler or fluff that can be found within this record as you are greeted with nothing but eight tracks of deadly thrash infused death metal that snaps your head back from the drop of the first note. From the very beginning Satanic pour their brand of hellish thrash tinged death metal on thick never to stop and never to let their foot off of the pedal. Each track leads right in to the next blistering track never really giving you much time to prepare or breathe.

Through each track you will be greeted with furious riffage that is complimented by spastic yet pin point drumming, rumbling thick bass lines and vocals that are bloodied and barbaric. Through and through each track is a sonic thrashing assault that gets your head banging nearly immediately after starting. The musicianship on this release is on point as are the vocals and production making for an entertaining high octane kind of listen.

The cross between thrash and death metal works well for Satanic as they balance both genre’s well throughout the entirety of their release. Death metal or thrash doesn’t seem to take complete control of any of the eight tracks and instead they work harmoniously together to create a chaotic sonic assault. Through and through, Architecture of Chaos is a solid release, one that you can listen to on repeat and jam out to until your heart is content.

This is a fast paced, adrenaline pumping release that will be a sure winner for fans of thrash metal and death metal alike.

Long Con: Demo 2017

December 21, 2017

With their very first demo and from the drop of the first note, Long Con makes it known that their music is abrasive, caustic, skull bashing and more. These heathens don’t wait until you are comfortable to fork out the bone breaking brutality as they rain their fury and anger down upon you from the very get go. Long Con plays a cross between death metal and powerviolence, and with the combination of the two you get a sound that is wholly ear shredding and as in your face as you can imagine. From the very first track on, these heathens play such a loud, accosting and assaulting brand of death infused power violence it induces whiplash nearly immediately after pressing play.

Within six tracks Long Con presents to you a barbaric and blood letting listen that gets hammered straight in to your brain whether you wanted it to or not. These heathens crank everything up to eleven on this demo and play an unholy brand of no holds barred heavy metal that makes you feel as though you have been beaten over the head with a two by four. Right out of the gate they are aggressive and unapologetic in their approach as they shovel out barrage after barrage of crusty riffs that are supplemented by chaotic and spastic drums as well as larynx shredding vocals that make your throat hurt.

This mass of twisted metal isn’t incredibly long with the lengthiest track coming in at just under four minutes, but within the short amount of time you are presented with plenty of powerviolence and death metal goodness. These six tracks are the equivalent of getting punched in the stomach repeatedly for short periods of time until you just can’t take it anymore. This demo as a whole has a raw and unfiltered quality about it that just makes the overall sound that much more appealing. It just wouldn’t work if this was polished and the production was clean, but that isn’t the case. Each track is pure and raw violent energy and the sound is filthy and grime filled, just to my liking.

For Long Con’s first demo, this is a pretty solid outing. Each track is just as good as the others and more often than not you will find yourself headbanging and bashing your brain right along with these tracks. Long Con sews powerviolence and death metal together well here to create the sonic equal to a car exploding, and it really is something that is entertaining and enjoyable to listen to.

You can find this demo on their Bandcamp

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