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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Grafvitnir: Keys to the Mysteries Beyond

December 6, 2017

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Emerging once again from the devilish shadows and bone chilling winds to grace us with their haunting and ever sinister presence is Grafvitnir. Once again, these heathens of the occult rear their collective ugly heads to gift to you another onslaught of chilling, fierce and shadowy black metal to sacrifice your soul to the great keeper of the damned. Keys to the Mysteries Beyond is the title of Grafvitnir’s upcoming sonic satanic onslaught. This new record is packed with ten new incantations of devilish black magic that leads you down the corridors of the wicked and the damned. Each of the ten tracks on this release are just as slithering, venomous, cold and soul ripping as you would come to expect. Grafvitnir is prolific and masterful in their newest offering of blackened metal as they present to you ten new lurking and demonic tracks.

These ten blackened anthems of the wicked and damned pour out of your speakers like a hoard of wraiths coming to steal your life. Once you press play you become wrapped up in binding sinister magic that does its best to squeeze your last breath from your lungs. Keys to the Mysteries Beyond is a stifling release as Grafvitnir pours their brand of malignant and malevolent black metal on thick never ceasing and ever unflinching. From track one to track ten you become shrouded in a dismal and ever darkening fog from which you cannot find your way out of.

The atmospheric presence that courses through the black blood of this release is one of pitch black darkness, haunting misery and bleakness. Throughout this entire release the atmosphere hangs over you like a reaper awaiting your final breath. The atmosphere that runs through Keys to the Mysteries Beyond is frigid chilling you down to your core. You can’t help but to feel unsettled at times and haunted at others. The atmospheric tendencies throughout this effort aren’t necessarily the focus or at the forefront all throughout, but instead it is worked in seamlessly with the bestial and blood curdling onslaught of blackened metal to create an overall sinister yet mesmerizing sound.

Keys to the Mysteries Beyond is an unrelenting and unforgiving release. Each track bears down upon you gnashing at your flesh and carving away at your bones. From track one to track ten, Grafvitnir provides you with a virulent, slithering, and light stealing listen. Keys to the Mysteries Beyond as a whole is a tempestuous and frost bitten record that makes you feel as though you have been stuck out in the freezing winds for some time.

Throughout this effort, Grafvitnir unleashes ten violent and malicious tracks that are hard to deny. Each track is just as good as the others and each track ties right in to the next creating a cohesive sound that is addicting and memorable. This is pure black metal and Graffvitnir is unwavering in their approach. Keys to the Mysteries Beyond is a record that is surely hard to want to pass up on if you are a fan of black metal or extreme metal in general. Let the wicked frigid riffs wash over you and succumb to the never ending darkness.

Keys to the Mysteries Beyond will be released December 15, 2017 through Carnal Records.

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