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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Scaphism: Unutterable Horrors

December 6, 2017

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Bursting out of a coffin like a bloated corpse is Scaphism and in tow with them is their upcoming full length titled Unutterable Horrors. Unutterable Horrors comes six years after their debut full length record Festering Human Remains, and this time around this new release is filled with eight more deadly, vicious and bludgeoning tracks that aim for your jugular. Unutterable Horrors is pure death metal through and through. You will find nothing else but death coursing through the collapsed veins of this release. There is no filler, there isn’t any fluff and there is no where to escape. Once you press play you become under siege by blasphemous death metal that tears, rips, and melts the flesh straight off of your cracked bones.

From the very beginning on, Scaphism pours their brand of molten death upon you and keeps on pouring until the final note has rang right through your speakers and your skull. Scaphism shifts from track to track with ease and without so much as a pause in between as well providing you with a cohesive and stifling listen. Each track is deadly as they come at you full force knives and axes brandished only aiming to spill as much blood as possible. Unutterable Horrors is a potent and powerful record that hits you hard and often. Throughout this release Scaphism mashes the proverbial pedal right through the floor and provides you with terrorizing track after terrorizing track never to cease their deadly and ferocious onslaught.

Unutterable Horrors is by no means a lengthy record as most tracks top out before the four minute mark. Within its shorter run time, Unutterable Horrors provides you with a sinister and completely violent listen that bashes your melted brain in from track one to track eight. This is a blitzkrieg as Scaphism assaults you from all sides quickly never relenting or easing up at all. From the first track on Scaphism provides you with incredibly venomous and gut ripping death metal that caves your chest in and picks at your bones before you know it. This twisting mass of rotted flesh and stagnant blood does a great job of beating you with a lead pipe until you are close to death-if you aren’t dead already-leaving you only to the vermin and the vultures.

With flesh craving riffs, rabid, hellish and blood thirsty vocals as well as blasting skull caving drumming, Scaphism gifts to you death in its ugliest form, pure. Nothing other than death infiltrates the brutish and blood curdling sound that Scaphism has seemed to hone and employ as a weapon. As a whole, Unutterable Horrors is a twisting, cadaver hoarding, heavy and ultimately great listen. This effort hacks, slashes and bludgeons you within an inch of your life and has you digging and early grave for yourself. Through eight straight tracks Scaphism provides you with precise musicianship, throat ripping vocals and good production to ultimately gift to you a record of nothing but terrorizing death metal for your enjoyment.

Overall, Unutterable Horrors is a solid and well executed and well crafted record. Each track is just as good as the others and sooner rather than later Scaphism has you head banging in no time. It has been a long time between full length releases and with Unutterable Horrors Scaphism certainly delivers. They seem to have honed their craft even more to provide the listener with a cohesive and incredibly damning, heavy and entertaining listen.

Unutterable Horrors will be released January 12, 2018 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

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