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Monolith Cult: Gospel of Despair

December 8, 2017

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The members of Monolith Cult certainly are no strangers to heavy metal and doom as each member is either a former member of Khang, Lazarus Blackstar, Solstice and Ironrat. The culmination of their efforts as well as their love for heavy metal and doom in general shines through within their sophomore effort titled Gospel of Despair. Monolith Cult seems to be the very embodiment of epic doom metal and Gospel of Despair is their damn near perfect offering to the world. When you thought that epic doom could possibly be in a rut or couldn’t possibly be any better than it already is, Monolith Cult proves that epic doom metal is here to stay and that there is still so much more to offer.

The seven passages that are featured on this release are all very well done and incredible in their own individual ways, but as a whole they create such a cohesive and mesmerizing sound. Gospel of Despair is a record that sucks you in right from the very beginning and keeps you listening and nodding your head for its entirety and then some. Each track has this innate ability to stick to you and get stuck in your head and until you listen through and through numerous times, they will never leave. Through and through, Gospel of Despair is an incredibly well put together and well executed record. Each track is a seamless display of the ultimate power that epic doom metal wields and each track is sure to mesmerize and put a spell over you.

The grand groove filled riffs and the soaring hypnotic vocals as well as the dark and dense atmospheres that course through the veins of this release are sure to put you in a trance. The musicianship all throughout this record is flawless and captivating and with that coupled with the clean enchanting vocals you are gifted with such a wondrous and incredibly clean and intoxicating sound. Throughout each track, these doom magicians show off their heavy doom and heavy metal prowess as each musician comes together to provide you with a cohesive and incredibly powerful and undeniable sound.

Throughout Gospel of Despair you are greeted with not only lurching, slow burning doom passages, but you are also confronted with mid-tempo romps that send your head in to a tailspin as well. Monolith Cult does a great job of changing up their tempos and style every now and then throughout each track to provide you with plenty of variety. Never once does any one of the seven tracks sound identical and never once does Monolith Cult repeat themselves all throughout this release. Each track has its own identifying features and never do you feel as though you are listening to the same track over and over again. With that said, everything melts together so well and each track sews together seamlessly creating a comprehensive and whole sound that is unforgettable.

Gospel of Despair is a massive and powerful record that is surely hard to forget and is certainly one of the better doom releases this year. Through seven tracks you are provided with forty-three minutes plus of nothing but some incredibly solid and well executed epic doom metal that is highly intoxicating and highly addictive. Not enough can be said about this release, and before I begin to repeat myself the last thing that I have to say about this effort is that it simply is a great release.

Check out Gospel of Despair below!

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