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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Coughdust: Worldwrench

December 9, 2017


Deploying an all out aural assault in the heaviest of manners is Coughdust as they combine doom, death metal and stoner metal. With their newest offering Worldwrench, Coughdust once again display their overall terrorizing and terrifying sound within only six tracks. Throughout this release the level of mayhem is off the charts as Coughdust hammers down upon you with their highly venomous and abrasive style of doom riddled death metal. From the very first note on you quickly realize that you are in for an utterly devastating, pessimistic, and deadly listen. The longer that you listen the lower that you sink in to your very own self dug grave. Through and through, Coughdust does not skip out or short you on brutality and heaviness as each track is just as potent and pointed as the others.

Worldwrench is almost like walking through a trippy and vivid nightmare from which you cannot crawl back from. The deadly and all together flesh ripping sounds of doom and death are coupled with psychedelic aspects of stoner metal to create a very vivid depiction of your death. The psychedelic tendencies play a smaller role in this chaotic brain bashing effort, but the role that they do play helps elevate each track to new and more mortifying heights. As mentioned above, Worldwrench is like stepping in to a nightmare in which everything is out to steal your life from you. Each track is massive and unforgiving as they shred your ear drums and pummel you within an inch of your life. These six tracks are caustic, bone breaking anthems of pure misery and disgust.

This effort is raw, unrelenting, blood curdling and life threatening and at the end of it all you feel a strong need to put yourself right back through all of the torment. This forty minute onslaught is just that, an onslaught. Never once does Coughdust relent as they shovel as much pain and torment upon you within their six tracks. Each track storms out of your speakers in grizzly fashion, mauling you and picking at your very life. Each cut on this effort is monolithic in stature and has the capability to crush you whenever they see fit. Through and through, Coughdust buries you under an incredible avalanche of buzzing and gnashing riffs, heavy handed drumming, bone rattling bass lines and vocals that are entirely monstrous and blood thirsty. Once you press play there certainly is no escaping the sonic wall of doom and death misery that is doled out in heaping proportions.

The overall sound of Worldwrench is one that looms over you like never ending dread. Coughdust has created a sound that is in your face yet groove filled, pessimistic, deadly, venomous, blood curdling among other descriptors. The amalgamation of doom, death and stoner metal is a great combination and each element works hand in hand to provide you with a ceaseless assault on your deformed ears. There is no where to hide from the wall of sonic misery once you begin listening. Worldwrench is as confronting and in your face as it gets and never once does Coughdust back down or let their boot off of your throat.

This is one heavy mass of doom and death that isn’t to be taken lightly. At the end of the listen you ultimately want more and reach for the play button again more often than not. For a doom record this is a relatively short one, but even so, Coughdust provides you with more than enough content. Overall, Worldwrench is a solid record to say the least. Each of the six tracks that are present on this effort are well performed and put together to create a cohesive and ultimately deadly listen.

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