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Wardomized: Forced To Eat From The Apple Tree

December 11, 2017


Hailing from Northern Ireland, specifically Lisburn and Belfast is grind outfit Wardomized. Forced to Eat From the Apple Tree is their second EP to come out three years after their debut EP titled In the Raw. Much like their debut EP, Forced to Eat From the Apple Tree is a short but blasting offering that does its best to peel your face back over your scalp. Each of the four tracks that are present on this release are played between a mid and up-tempo pace that gets your head rocking back and forth before you know it. Each track is gritty and grime filled with an intense raw feel to them as well. There is just no bullshit here as what you get for four straight tracks is ferocious and deadly grind.

Wardomized doesn’t wait to shoot right out of the gate and out of your speakers as they hit you quick and hard with their opener Suicide Death Rock-Inflicted By Force. This near three minute track sets the tone for the rest of the EP as it barrels out of your speakers hitting you square in your chest as well as your gnarled ear drums. This track is a rampaging one as it blasts away at your skull immediately only to cease its assault once it has concluded. The track to follow is an interesting one especially for a grind band. Blue, White and Black Flowers is a slower offering for the majority of its run time only to pick up at the very end to provide you with a deadly caustic assault for the last few seconds. Blue, White and Black Flowers breaks up the usual grind and blast first ask questions later formula and provides you with some variety and diversity among the usual brain scrambling grind.

After Blue, White and Black Flowers concludes you become bombarded with more sonic punishment firmly rooted back in the grind landscape. Each of the four tracks on this release have their own unique sound to them making them stand out among the others. Never does it seem as though you are listening to the same songs over and over again as Wardomized does a great job in providing you with plenty of variety throughout only four tracks. Forced to Eat From the Apple Tree doesn’t just sound like a wall of spastic noise, instead you can clearly pick out each track and really enjoy each of the track’s own uniqueness.

Overall, Forced to Eat From the Apple Tree is a solid EP, one that grind fans will surely enjoy. This EP is short of course but that only means that you get to listen to it again and again while bashing your brain against the front and back of your skull. The musicianship is on point and the vocals are monstrous and throat ripping as one would expect and to top everything off this EP has a nice raw and gritty kind of production that is wholly enjoyable. Forced to Eat From the Apple Tree is an all around entertaining and enjoyable listen.

Check out The Ultimate Demise below!


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