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Faceless Burial: Grotesque Miscreation

December 12, 2017

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Originally released in September of this year digitally and on vinyl is Faceless Burial’s debut full length Grotesque Miscreation and now with the help of Blood Harvest Records this monster of an effort will see the light of day yet again this time on CD. Grotesque Miscreation is set with ten tracks of brain boiling death metal. Nothing else within this release trifles with the overall raw and flesh cutting sound of pure death metal as this is exactly that, pure unfiltered death. Upon pressing play you get a tepid whiff of stagnant death and rotting unfortunate dead flesh and for ten straight tracks you become shrouded in nothing other than visceral and disgusting death.

These morgue suppliers begin Grotesque Miscreation with an ominous and unsettling intro that lasts for just over a single minute before really laying in to you with their blood fueled and intense brand of death metal. After the intro has concluded, Faceless Burial begins their sonic, sharp and chaotic assault with their weapons brandished aiming to lop off your head and cull the weak. Through the rest of the nine tracks that follow the intro you are subject to a raw and barbaric style of death metal that boils the blood and tears at your very tender flesh. Faceless Burial takes ques from their death metal forefathers and contorts those elements to create a pulverizing sound all their own.

Even though Faceless Burial takes ques from early death metal bands they never fall in to a rut and never sound exactly like their predecessors. Throughout Grotesque Miscreation, Faceless Burial’s sound is ever shifting and twisting never staying in one lane for entirely too long. With their own twists and elements added to each track, Faceless Burial gives the listener a varied and well rounded listen. Through each track you are greeted with something new and rarely are you ever beat over the head with the same riffs or drum patterns and what have you. Faceless Burial does a great job of mixing it up throughout Grotesque Miscreation bringing you along for a twisting and blood frenzied ride.

Through harsh rib splitting riffs, skull pummeling drumming and purely monstrous and blood craving vocals, Faceless Burial gifts you with a sonic wall of death and despair. The overall sound of Grotesque Miscreation is that of a crazed ax wielder on the hunt for his next victim. Grotesque Miscreation does a great job of snapping your neck back nearly from the get go never to relent until you have been shoved in to a shallow and early grave. Grotesque Miscreation is a monster as a whole as it administers blunt force trauma one track at a time until it leaves you feeling broken and bloodied.

This is pure death, pure, savage and bloodied death.

Grotesque Miscreation will be out on CD format January 18, 2017 through Blood Harvest Records.

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