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Perpetrator: Altered Beast

December 17, 2017


Four years ago saw the release of Perpetrator’s debut full length titled Thermonuclear Epiphany, and now four years later Perpetrator is on the verge of unleashing their new full length pumped full of thrash anthems. Perpetrator takes what they did excellently in Thermonuclear Epiphany amp it up and apply it to Altered Beast creating a sound that is even more memorable and catchy than before. Altered Beast is filled to the brim with eleven brand new tracks for you to twist your neck and bang your head to, and within minutes you just don’t have a choice. Perpetrator charges out of the gates immediately after you press play subjecting you to pure thrash metal mayhem for nearly forty minutes.

From the drop of the first note on Perpetrator mash the metaphorical pedal through the floor never to let up even once throughout their new effort. Each track is bombastic, furious and whiplash inducing. From one track to the next you are subject to nothing but chaotic and mayhem propulsed thrash metal that does its very best to have you lose your head from head banging too much. Each of the eleven tracks that are present on this release get under you skin and certainly leave and imprint on your mind as they are very catchy and memorable. You will have a hard time getting these tunes out of your head once you begin listening and on top of that you will have a hard time not wanting to belt the lyrics out with the vocalist as well. As a whole, Altered Beast is a highly memorable and easy record to get in to and enjoy.

Altered Beast is an entertaining record to say the least as it makes you want to thrash about with reckless abandon and without any cares in the world. Once you press play you feel the spirit of thrash metal course through your veins making you want to wild out and just enjoy the chaotic wall of thrash that is belting its way toward a head on collision with you. “Altered Beast” is the type of release that deserves to get cranked to eleven and played as loud as possible until your whole block can hear it. This loud, bombastic, chaotic record is thrash to the core and it is mightily enjoyable and memorable.

The musicianship, the vocals, the production, all of it is on point to create a gritty sound that is addicting to listen to. As a whole, Altered Beast is a solid follow up to such a solid debut in Thermonuclear Epiphany. Each track has their own unique qualities which make them memorable, and as a whole, Altered Beast is just an enjoyable, entertaining and memorable record that will get thrash fans out of their seats and thrashing about in no time.

Altered Beast will be out January 31, 2018 through Caverna Abismal.

Check out Extreme Barbarity from the upcoming release Altered Beast below!

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