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Long Con: Demo 2017

December 21, 2017

With their very first demo and from the drop of the first note, Long Con makes it known that their music is abrasive, caustic, skull bashing and more. These heathens don’t wait until you are comfortable to fork out the bone breaking brutality as they rain their fury and anger down upon you from the very get go. Long Con plays a cross between death metal and powerviolence, and with the combination of the two you get a sound that is wholly ear shredding and as in your face as you can imagine. From the very first track on, these heathens play such a loud, accosting and assaulting brand of death infused power violence it induces whiplash nearly immediately after pressing play.

Within six tracks Long Con presents to you a barbaric and blood letting listen that gets hammered straight in to your brain whether you wanted it to or not. These heathens crank everything up to eleven on this demo and play an unholy brand of no holds barred heavy metal that makes you feel as though you have been beaten over the head with a two by four. Right out of the gate they are aggressive and unapologetic in their approach as they shovel out barrage after barrage of crusty riffs that are supplemented by chaotic and spastic drums as well as larynx shredding vocals that make your throat hurt.

This mass of twisted metal isn’t incredibly long with the lengthiest track coming in at just under four minutes, but within the short amount of time you are presented with plenty of powerviolence and death metal goodness. These six tracks are the equivalent of getting punched in the stomach repeatedly for short periods of time until you just can’t take it anymore. This demo as a whole has a raw and unfiltered quality about it that just makes the overall sound that much more appealing. It just wouldn’t work if this was polished and the production was clean, but that isn’t the case. Each track is pure and raw violent energy and the sound is filthy and grime filled, just to my liking.

For Long Con’s first demo, this is a pretty solid outing. Each track is just as good as the others and more often than not you will find yourself headbanging and bashing your brain right along with these tracks. Long Con sews powerviolence and death metal together well here to create the sonic equal to a car exploding, and it really is something that is entertaining and enjoyable to listen to.

You can find this demo on their Bandcamp

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