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Dark Hound: Dawning

December 22, 2017

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In incredibly punchy, fiery, vicious and overall memorable fashion, Dark Hound accelerates through your speakers in to your ear drums to deliver to you a highly memorable and addictive listen. Dawning is the name of Dark Hound’s upcoming release and within this package you are presented with eleven brand new tracks that make a nice comfortable home in your brain for some time to come. Dawning is a difficult record to forget and a difficult record to put down once you begin listening. From the first track to the last, each of the eleven songs on this offering are great. There isn’t a track on this release that is missing something in my opinion and not only that but you can listen to this record through and through and never really tire of it.

These Nashville natives have created a sound that is infectious and incredibly undeniable. Dawning is a solid release through and through never pulling any punches and never relenting with their bombastic style of play. Dark Hound flows from track to track never really stopping to give you a break from the uncontrolled heavy metal sonic assault. As each track rolls along you feel your head nodding more and more with the passing of each track and each minute. This album as a whole just ends up getting right under your skin and burying itself right in your ear never to be forgotten easily.

Each element, from the crunching riffs to the rumbling bass lines to the ever barreling drumming all the way to the intoxicating and smooth vocals, everything comes together in harmony to create such a smooth yet punchy sound. Dawning is melodic, groovy and heavy making for an interesting and highly potent listen. Sooner rather than later Dark Hound will have you singing along and jamming out along with them. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, Dawning is incredibly infectious. Dark Horse takes traditional heavy metal and adds their own twist to it to create a sound that is unique and their own.

Through eleven tracks you are presented with nearly fifty whole minutes of nothing but heavy metal goodness. There is a lot of content to listen to on this record and none of it gets old. Each of the eleven tracks on this release is a face melting heavy metal effort that demands to be listened to, and dammit they will be listened to. Each track is well put together and performed very well also creating an overall great listen. Dawning is a gritty always charging kind of release that mashes the pedal through the floor never to look back.

Dawning is heavy metal with a twist done very well and with this just being Dark Hound’s sophomore full length release, they impress and then some.

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