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Revenger: The New Mythology Vol.1

December 27, 2017


Kicking the year off in complete utter thrash madness is Revenger with their upcoming EP The New Mythology Vol.1. This brand new slab of metal if filled with five tracks of nothing but groove filled thrash metal for you to bang your head and twist your neck to. Each of the five tracks on this release shoot right out of your speakers and hit you square in the chest. Revenger wastes no time at all getting you acquainted with their music as they hit you fast and hard from the very moment you press play. This entire EP is heavy, memorable, groove filled, melodic and incredibly entertaining.

Through each track you are gifted pure thrashing energized madness. You won’t find a dull moment throughout this release as Revenger provides you with nothing but non stop thrash action. Each track is driven by heavy face melting riffs that are only to be coupled by barreling drums and intense throat ripping vocals. There isn’t a moment within this release where you are not completely under siege by Revenger’s brand of thrashing sonic madness.

The New Mythology Vol.1 is a high octane and highly entertaining and memorable listen. To add to that, each track is memorable and unique in their own way. Never do you hear the same sound twice as you are presented with plenty of variety and diversity throughout. Each track on this EP is gritty, technical, calculated and well put together creating a cohesive and overall well done release. Once you begin listening you will have no choice but to headbang and let Revenger take you on a thrashing ride through their world they have created with The New Mythology Vol.1.

This EP has a great ability for getting under your skin and finding its way up to your brain where it will rest for some time. Each track on this EP is well done and performed very well making it out to be a great overall listen. From start to finish you are entertained and hooked too each twist and turn that Revenger present. The New Mythology Vol.1 is a very solid effort, one that will definitely be appreciated by thrash fans and heavy metal fans in general.

The New Mythology Vol.1 will be out February 17, 2018

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