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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Dead Meat: Preachers of Gore

January 4, 2018

With their newest offering Preachers of Gore, Dead Meat bursts out of your speakers like bloated innards burst out of a corpse’s stomach. This brand new sickening offering is filled with eleven brand new tracks that are just as stated, sickening. Dead Meat begins Preachers of Gore with an intro that welcomes you with blood curdling cry after blood curdling cry for over a minute and a half before really getting in to the meat of the record. Once the horrifying intro is over you still can’t settle down since Dead Meat immediately blasts and picks their way through hoards of corpses once the second track begins. Preachers of Gore is one terrifying and blood letting track after another, and never once do these blood fiends take their knife away from your throat all throughout.

This is an incredibly bloodied and depraved offering from these gore hounds, and the more that you listen the more that you feel as though you are becoming buried under droves of fetid flesh and stagnant blood. Each track is just as sick and twisted as the others so don’t think for a moment that you will be getting a rest or a break from all of the depravity and the vomit inducing tunes. Each of the eleven tracks-including the intro-on this offering are sinister, vile, bloodied and covered in enough viscera and bile to last you a life time.

Preachers of Gore as a whole is a menacing and brutish record, one that stands over you beating you in the head with a rusted lead pipe until your brain oozes from your shattered skull. Once Dead Meat gets rolling they don’t stop grinding away at your already damaged cranium and already bruised and bleeding brain. Preachers of Gore is an unrelenting mass of flesh and dead skin and instead of being a bull in a china shop, this release is a serial killer in a morgue. Each track hacks, slashes and carves its way through you leaving you a bloodied mass of tangled innards for the vultures to find and pick at.

Once you enter a listen of Preachers of Gore there is no escape and there is no going back. The buzz saw riffs cut straight in to your chest as the blasting never relenting drums break your bones. The vocals that cut through the wall of poisonous depravity are a mixture of blood thirsty gutturals and blood curdling pig squeals that make your hair stand on end. The brutality displayed all throughout this release is savage and incredibly wicked. Preachers of Gore is a punishing, blood drinking and flesh worshiping record that gets right underneath your skin and bashes its way in to your brain.

Preachers of Gore is a solid brutal death metal record from front to back. Dead Meat sets the tone early on by providing you with a skin crawling intro that is complete with blood curdling cries, and really from then on the onslaught never lets up even for a brief moment. This grimy, gritty, morbid and gore filled release grates on your ears in the best way possible gifting to you one hell of an intense and punishing listen.

Check out the single Died With Open Eyes below!


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