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Power From Hell: Blood ‘n’ Spikes

January 8, 2018


Since forming in 2001, Power From Hell has released numerous full lengths (with the latest coming in 2015) as well as several EPs and demos, and now this year they are on the cusp of releasing an MLP titled Blood ‘n’ Spikes. This newest hell fire baptized offering features five original tracks as well as a cover of the Judas Priest track Freewheel Burning. Much like their other releases, Power From Hell unleashes a hellish black metal assault that is infused with some thrash metal to provide you with a completely relentless metallic assault. From beginning to end you are assaulted from all sides by Power From Hell’s gritty, grime filled and hell fire propelled maelstrom.

Each track on this release is pure burning chaos, the kind that whips you in to a frenzy and does its best to snap your neck before you have a chance to defend yourself. Never once does Power From Hell slow down or provide you with an opportunity to catch your breath. Power From Hell rolls right along from track to track providing you with a suffocating and devilishly whiplash inducing listen, one that gets hammered straight through your ear drums and smashed straight in to your brain. With only five original tracks to its title, Blood ‘n’ Spikes is a fairly short effort that is over before you know it. However, what this effort lacks in length, it more than makes up for in content.

Blood ‘n’ Spikes is an incredibly entertaining release that gets your head banging nearly immediately. This offering is an undeniably maniacal, satanic, twisted, heavy and most importantly solid and entertaining listen. Each track on this release is intense and in your face never backing down and never slowing down, gifting you with a head spinning listen. From the soul slashing riffs to the tumultuous drumming to the gritty dissonant vocals, you are provided with a raw and gritty overall sound that makes this release just that much better.

This effort is sonic madness in serpentine, venomous and completely deadly fashion. Each track is just as malevolent and carcinogenic as the last making for a destructive and explosive blackened onslaught. Blood ‘n’ Spikes is a solid release, one that is short in length, but one that also packs a great punch as well. If you are a fan of black metal and thrash, you just simply cannot go wrong with “Blood ‘n’ Spikes”.

Blood ‘n’ Spikes will be released through Dying Victims Productions February 19, 2018


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