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Wyrmwoods: Earth Made Flesh

January 16, 2018


Stylistically falling between progressive, atmospheric and ambient black metal is Finnish group Wyrmwoods. Earth Made Flesh is their debut full length record that clocks in at six total tracks that will take your mind on a vast and mesmerizing ride. Wyrmwoods does a great job of balancing elements they take from progressive, ambient and atmospheric black metal to create a full bodied and comprehensive listen. From beginning to end, Earth Made Flesh is an inviting yet punishing and harrowing listen that captures your attention only to keep it throughout the record.

Not only does Wyrmwoods do a great job of combining elements of different types of black metal, but they also do a great job of providing you with a balanced sound that mixes both harsh and serene passages. At certain points through each track, you will become under siege by dissonant pummeling drumming and razor sharp riffs, and the next moment you become surrounded by more ethereal and atmospheric sounds. Wyrmwoods sews their brand of atmospheric music together with blasting soul ripping blackened passages well to provide you with a varied ever shifting listen. Throughout Earth Made Flesh, Wyrmwoods has you guessing as to what you will be hearing next. Never once do you hear the same thing, and forever are you guessing what twist they might have up their wizard sleeves.

For only having six tracks to its name, Earth Made Flesh is a pretty lengthy album overall, however it never seems to overstay its welcome. Even though each track is pretty lengthy, you never feel as though you are trudging along through a murky mire of blackened noise. Each track on this effort moves along swiftly and expertly, never lurching and never making it feel like a burden to listen to. As a matter of fact, Earth Made Flesh does a good job of mesmerizing and enchanting you, keeping you listening and enthralled as to what you are going to hear next.

Each of the six tracks on this offering are put together well and executed well also. The atmospheric and ambient elements that Wyrmwoods pumps in to their brand of blackened debauchery takes your mind through harrowing, twisting and dark soundscapes all the while the face peeling blasting black metal snaps your head back with great force. Earth Made Flesh as whole provides the listener with so much variety and diversity, and the more that you listen the more that you will end up picking up on that you may not have before. This is certainly an ambitious record especially for a debut release, but it is one that works on all levels. Earth Made Flesh is a great listen and a great overall record.

Earth Made Flesh was released January 15, 2018 through Inverse Records.

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